Assault and Suppression vessel Zuikaku
Mental Model | Vessel
Japanese name 瑞鶴
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 45
Anime n/a
Mental Model information:
Status Active
Affiliation "Fleet of Fog"
Mental Model's Appearance:
Eye color dark
Hair color dark
Notable details Lotus-flower-shaped clips in her hair
Vessel Status:
Status Active
Vessel information:
Type "Fleet of Fog" Shokaku-class Assault and Suppression vessel
Displacement 32,000 tons
Length 257.5 m
Beam 26 m
Draft 8.9 m
Maximal Speed Unknown
Armament Unknown
Wave-Force Armor yes
Voice Actors:
Japanese Unknown
German Unknown

Zuikaku is an Assault and Suppression vessels of the Oriental "Fleet of Fog".

Assault and Suppression Vessel ZuikakuEdit

Zuikaku is a "Fleet of Fog" reincarnation of WWII Shokaku-class aircraft carrier Zuikaku. She has only one 'sister', Shokaku, who is mentioned but has yet to make her appearance in the series. As a reincarnation of an aircraft carrier, Zuikaku is one of the biggest "Fog" warships seen so far, easily rivaling the supreme flagship Yamato in size.

While she is based on an aircraft carrier, it doesn't look like Zuikaku has any airplanes or anything similar in her arsenal. And she also doesn't appear to have any high-caliber Photon cannons either. It's not clear, whether or not she has a Super-Graviton Cannon or high-angle lasers, but given her role of a Assault and Suppression vessels, it is quite likely. She also possesses an ability to create incredibly powerful shockwaves and seems to be able to make long 'jumps' from one location to another. Whether it is really flying or merely a jump is to be seen.

Zuikaku - again, because of her role of an Assault and Suppression vessel - is presumed to possess a powerful Wave-Force armor to protect her both from shocks due to her jumps and from enemy fire.

Mental modelEdit

Assault and Suppression vessels Zuikaku has one Mental Model. She appears as a young Oriental girl, not even in her teens; she is one of the youngest-looking Mental Model seen so far. Her exact color scheme is unknown, however she has dark eyes and dark hair with two lotus-flower clips in them. She wears a raincoat, tight black pants and very large boots.

Zuikaku is rather excitable and likes Japanese food, both cooking and eating. She also enjoys fishing. When I-402 delivered her a secret message written on a paper from Yamato, Zuikaku ate it in order to prevent it from falling into wrong hands.

Zuikaku also spends quite a lot of time in close proximity with humans, bargaining with them as she exchanged her draughts for various other things. According to I-402, she has the 'most experience points' in this area among the "Fleet of Fog" vessels that don't have human crews. Her contacts with humans are her attempt to deal with boredom: being an assault and suppression vessel, Zuikaku isn't included into the patrol fleets and stays anchored in one place most of the time.


Zuikaku was visited by I-402 (and tagging along Takao) with a message from Yamato. Upon reading and destroying the said message, Zuikaku transported I-402 and Takao to Yokosuka city suburbs so that the 'Tsundere heavy cruiser' could infiltrate the Japanese National Maritime Institute of Technology.

While Takao is busy pretending to the Institute's student, Zuikaku is staying in the old and abandoned part of the port, together with I-402 in order to provide her with some support, should the need arise.



  • Zuikaku was the first Assault and Suppression vessel to appear in the series.
  • Zuikaku is the only known Mental Model to keep a pet. Normally it is a (probably fake) cat, but during her stay in Yokosuka, she swaps it for a very real octopus (seen in "Salty Road" spin-off manga).
  • Zuikaku's Mental Model's young appearance may be attributed to aircraft carriers being the youngest class of warships in WWII.