Destroyer Yukikaze
Mental Model | Vessel
Japanese name 雪風
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 48
Anime n/a
Mental Model information:
Status Active
Affiliation "Fleet of Fog", Yamato
Mental Model's Appearance:
Eye color Light-blue
Hair color White
Notable details Has rope-made bows in her hair; wears traditional Japanese clothes
Vessel Status:
Status Active
Vessel information:
Type "Fleet of Fog" Kagerou-class destroyer
Displacement 2,530 tons
Length 118.5 m
Beam 10.8 m
Draft 3.8 m
Maximal Speed more than 40 knots
Armament 34x Photon cannons;
8x torpedo tubes;
depth charges
Wave-Force Armor yes
Voice Actors:
Japanese Unknown
German Unknown

Yukikaze is a "Fleet of Fog" destroyer that is a part of supreme flagship Yamato's personal guards. Even though she's just a destroyer, Yamato authorized her to have a Mental Model.

Destroyer YukikazeEdit

Yukikaze is a "Fleet of Fog" reincarnation of WWII Kagerou-class destroyer Yukikaze. She is one of the three destroyers that were given names within the series and the first to have a Mental Model, Vampire is the second.

Since Yukikaze has not made an appearance in the anime, nor are there are any color pages with her ship-body in the manga, it is impossible to tell what her color scheme is. The final end card illustration of Ars Nova suggested that the mental model's hair color is a very pale blue, but this is yet to be confirmed in the manga proper.

It appears that Yukikaze is actually well-armed for a ship of her class: she has 6 main Photon cannons on three turrets, a great number of smaller Photon cannons, a number of missile launchers, 8 torpedo tubes and a number of depth charges. She might also have several high-angle lasers. It is unlikely that this destroyer has a Super-Graviton Cannon.

As a destroyer, Yukikaze doesn't have a very powerful Wave-Force armor, but she is still more or less immune to conventional weapons' fire. She also possesses full burst mode and can move at incredible speeds, even when fully submerged, for a little while.

Mental modelEdit

Destroyer Yukikaze has one Mental Model. She appears as a young girl, not even in her teens. She has big light-blue eyes and short straight almost completely white hair with bows in on the both sides of her head. She wears a traditional Japanese yukata which gradually darkens from top to bottom and dark obi belt.

Since Yukikaze was actually created just now she is yet to develop any particular interests or hobbies. And from those few panels where she's even seen, it appears that she's loyal to Yamato to her core, and worships the supreme flagship even more than I-400 and I-402 do.


With the I-400 and I-402 were tied down with other missions, thus not immediately available for tasking, Yukikaze's Mental Model was authorized and created on Yamato's orders in the most recent chapter (48th) so that she can run an errand for the supreme flagship.

Particular details of that mission are not known yet, but Yamato needs her to find Chihaya Gunzou and Hyuuga without other ships (presumably, from Kongou's fleet) knowing about this.

Some time later, Yukikaze is seen observing Vampire establishing contact with Hakugei (3), presumably on Repulse's orders. Otherwise, nothing is known about Yukikaze's progress with her mission.

Following Hyuuga's attack of Hiei, Yukikaze collected the Union cores of both battleships (they both lost their Mental Models in that fight).

And once Iona and Chihaya Gunzou initiate their counter-attack against Kongou's fleet, Yukikaze concludes that the amount of munitions they are unloading won't be enough to cause the desired effect of releasing massive amounts of methane hydrate from the underwater deposit. She then aids them by firing a barrage of her own Corrosive Warhead Torpedoes.

After Kongou manages to critically damage Matsushima II, Yukikaze hastens there to save Gunzou. That, however, isn't an easy task as she has to fight not only Kongou (or whatever is left of her), but also one of Kongou's subordinate submarine, I-201.



  • For some time Yukikaze was the only known "Fleet of Fog" destroyer to have a Mental Model. Although destroyers with their relatively weak cores cannot manifest a Mental Model on their own, if some support is provided over the Quantum communication network it'd then be possible. Yukikaze's Mental Model was formed with Yamato providing 2% of her computational power in order to help Yukikaze maintain it. Later, destroyer Vampire has gained a Mental Model.
  • Yukikaze's prototype destroyer was known as "the unsinkable ship" or "the miracle ship" during WWII as the original destroyer Yukikaze, though as much were attributed to the seamanship of its captains and its crew as to the fabled luck, took part and survived many sorties - of which included several major sea battles of the entire Pacific War - with very little casualty to herself and her crew. However, because the ships she was escorting didn't have the same luck, WWII Yukikaze was also considered by other ships' crews a jinx to have her as part of the battle-group. Indeed, Yukikaze did always ended up plucking survivors of those ships from the sea.
  • Yukikaze shares some physical similarities (petite build, short hair) with another Yukikaze, although this is probably coincidental. The tone usage in the Arpeggio manga also suggest that Yukikaze's hair color is somewhat light, further highlighting the similarity.