Wave-Force armor of the "Fleet of Fog" vessel

Wave-Force armor is the main defensive mechanism of the absolute majority "Fleet of Fog" vessels. All Mental Model are also capable of deploying the Wave-Force armor. At the moment, no human-made weapon is capable of penetrating this defense, at least not fast enough to be usable in a fight.

Wave-Force armorEdit

Humans often refer to the "Fleet of Fog"'s Wave-Force armor as the impenetrable shield. Indeed, this is a very powerful defensive mechanism that can protect a vessel from ridiculous amounts of damage. While it is never directly confirmed, the Wave-Force armor is likely to completely shield a vessel even from a point blank explosion of a tactical nuclear charge. Another advantage of the klein field is the fact that it can be deployed in specific areas of the vessel, thus not only also protecting the vital components but also increasing the efficiency of the overall system.


Sou Oribe reading a lecture on Wave-Force armor at the Military Command of Yokosuka naval base.

These fantastic defensive capabilities of the Wave-Force armor come from the Klein field it deploys. Essentially, it creates a dimensional fold topologically similar to the Klein bottle around a vessel (or a Mental Model). And whenever a direct attack touches the edge of this Klein field, the energy of this attack is siphoned in the dimensional fold and can later be released in any arbitrary direction. However, the absorbing capacity of this dimensional fold is not unlimited, and the Wave-Force armor will reach saturation and collapse if it absorbs a great enough number of attacks. The saturation point of the klein field depends on one factor, the computational processing power of the ship. If the ship has a powerful processing power, than it can use both offensive weaponry and defensive klein field in tandem with efficiency. This is shown when Nagara was sunk with a single Corrosive Warhead Torpedo at only 15% output, while battleship Haruna was able to recalculate her klein field to negate the effects of the torpedo.

Futhermore, there is also a limit on how much energy can be absorbed at once: a powerful enough attack may break the bottom of the Klein bottle and will reach the vessel's hull. The attacks that have this potential are the Corrosive Warhead Torpedoes and Super-Graviton Cannons. These powerful attacks can be completely stopped only via Mirror-Ring system.

Offensive usagesEdit


Wave-Force armor's Klein Field can be used offensively

While normally the Wave-Force armor and the Klein field it generates are used as a defense from various attacks, they can actually be used offensively too. The energy captured into the dimensional fold can be released in any arbitrary direction, thus allowing the vessel or Mental Model to create shockwaves to push things around with blunt force. The limitations for this way of using the Wave-Force armor are presently unknown, but battleship Haruna's Mental Model was seen pushing the soldiers around like ragdolls or launching hand grenades sky high to blow helicopters up.

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