Iori Watanuki
Iori portrait
Iori Watanuki as seen in anime
Japanese Name いおり 四月一日
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
General information:
Gender female
Age 17
Alive yes
Affiliation "Blue Steel", Gunzou Chihaya
Current occupation Engine operator of I-401
Previous occupations Japanese National Maritime Institute of Technology student
Eye color brown
Hair color blonde (manga)
orange (anime)
Voice Actors:
Japanese Tsuda Minami
German Unknown

Iori Watanuki is the member of the I-401's crew; she is in charge of the submarine's engine and energy systems. She also does repair the I-401's engine when it is something that can be done by a human.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Iori has midback-long hair rather unruly (blonde in manga, but orange in anime) made into two pigtail on the sides of her head. She has brown eyes. Normally her clothes consist of some singlet, cargo pants and heavy gloves. She is often seen wearing protective goggles over her eyes.

Iori is a rather cheerful girl and she is often seen teasing others - most often, Shizuka. After the battle with battleships Haruna and Kirishima Iori is seen lamenting about Gunzou not seeing her as a woman. However, it doesn't really look like she has a strong crush on him, if she has it at all.

Iori is a very intelligent girl, having scored fifth in her year during the last annual test she took while still attending the Japanese National Maritime Institute of Technology. Because she is in charge of I-401's engine and energy systems - which she repairs to the best of her abilities - Iori is one of the humans that are most knowledgeable about the "Fleet of Fog" technology. Quite possibly, she is even the most knowledgeable one.


We are first introduced to Iori when she is already the member of the I-401's crew for a long time. From her dialogs with Gunzou it is revealed that she, along with Sou Oribe and Kyouhei Kashihara, had joined the crew a couple of month before the battle with battleship Hyuuga. Ever since then, Iori was in charge of I-401's engine.

Iori doesn't have her personal mini-arc, so for the most part she is a background character.


  • Gunzou Chihaya - Iori's classmate and, later, captain. Iori might have a little crush on him, but this is not confirmed. However, she does lament that he doesn't see her as a woman.
  • Iona - Iori is good friends with the I-401's Mental Model. Aside from Gunzou, Iona spends most of her time around Iori. She also often leaves her lesser clone to keep Iori's company and sometimes, when Iori might be in danger because of the engine fluctuations, Iona will deploy a small Klein Field around her to protect her.
  • Sou Oribe - Iori's classmate and a fellow member of the I-401's crew. He is I-401's first mate.
  • Kyouhei Kashihara - Another Iori's classmate; he is also a member of the I-401's crew and is in charge of the weapons.
  • Maruri Hibiki - Yet another classmate of Iori. She was the original sonar operator, but left the crew following the battle with battleship Hyuuga.
  • Shizuka Hodzumi - The current sonar operator and the main target of Iori's teasing. Unlike the rest of the crew, Shizuka never attended the Japanese National Maritime Institute of Technology.


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