Destroyer Vampire
Mental Model | Vessel
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 47
Anime n/a
Mental Model information:
Status Active
Affiliation "Fleet of Fog", Repulse
Mental Model's Appearance:
Eye color moderately-dark
Hair color moderately-dark
Vessel Status:
Status Active
Vessel information:
Type "Fleet of Fog" V-class destroyer
Displacement 1,489 tons
Length 95.1 m
Beam 9.0 m
Draft 4.2 m
Maximal Speed more than 35 knots
Armament Photon cannons;
missile launchers;
Close-combat system;
Depth charges;
6x torpedo tubes
Wave-Force Armor yes
Voice Actors:
Japanese Unknown
German Unknown

Vampire is a "Fleet of Fog" destroyer and the only vessel that chose to side with battlecruiser Repulse when she had a disagreement with her fleet.

Destroyer Vampire Edit

Vampire is a "Fleet of Fog" reincarnation of WWII V-class destroyer Vampire.

Since Vampire has not made any appearance in anime, nor there are any color pages with her ship-body in manga, it is impossible to tell what her color scheme was. However, her sigil is known and is shaped like a four-point star with a "<" cut in it.

Vampire has a rather modest armament, consisting of 12 Photon cannons, 6 torpedo tubes, close-combat system and unknown number of missile and depth charge launchers. Her Wave-Force armor seems to be decent for a destroyer, but no real information about just how powerful it is is available.

Mental ModelEdit

Under normal conditions Vampire, being a mere destroyer, can't support her own Mental Model. However with some support from her flagship, Repulse, she can materialize one.

Vampire's Mental Model appears as a girl in her early teens with moderately-dark hair and eyes. The colors are currently unknown as Vampire had no colored pages depicting her. Much like Repulse, Vampire is wearing a maid outfit.

Vampire has a very sharp tongue and will not hesitate to use it against both her superior(s) and those equal or below her in rank. She also appears to be quite curious and excitable about everything dealing with humans as she had photoed captain Komaki from all angles when she first stepped aboard of Hakugei (3). However, at the same time, she seems to suffer from incomplete (or wrongly indexed) vocabulary and her memory appears to be of somewhat low-capacity.

Role Edit

Vampire is first seen together with battlecruiser Repulse as they were fleeing from Prince of Wales and her fleet. They managed to escape, thanks to the timely intervention of Hakugei (3). Later, while both vessels were repairing the damage they've sustain in some secure location, Vampire came up with an idea that Repulse should contact the humans that assisted them in their escape.

Repulse had agreed and sent Vampire to search and contact the human-manned submarine that had saved them. At least for the duration of this task, Vampire was granted access to additional computational power that allowed her to have a Mental Model.

Eventually, Vampire had located Hakugei (3) and successfully contacted it. With permission, she was invited to came aboard. There she proceeded to give captain Komaki a letter from Repulse. Then she departed, presumably going back to her flagship's side.

Some time after Kongou is sunk, Vampire is contacted by the supreme flagship Yamato, who is currently busy with an infiltration mission, and is asked to keep an eye on Hakugei III and everything else in that region. In exchange, Yamato offers some of her computation power to help Vampire maintain her Mental Model. After giving it some thought, Vampire agrees.

Relationships Edit


  • Aside from Yukikaze, Vampire is the only known destroyer within the "Fleet of Fog" to have a Mental Model. She requires some support (comes from Repulse, her flagship) to keep her Mental Model manifested. Repulse is using 24.58% of her core's computational power on this task - compare with mere 2% of Yamato's that Yukikaze is receiving (and yet Yukikaze is much smoother and life-like).
  • Vampire has a very sharp tongue. This is most probably due to her lack of social etiquette which Repulse determined to be non-essential for the task at hand.
  • The upper part of Vampire's bow-tie is shaped like bat wings.
  • Vampire says that Hakugei (3) is one of the best (vessels) she had come across. It is not clear, whether she means any vessel or just human-made ones, though. Or, 'best' meaning kind or thoughtful humane response towards Fleet of Fog ships.