Vice-Admiral Uragami
vice-admiral Hiroshi Uragami, the officer in command of the Military Command's Naval Strategies Office
Japanese Name 博 浦上
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 4
Anime n/a
General information:
Gender male
Alive yes
Affiliation Japan
Current occupation the Officer in Command of the Military Command's Naval Strategies Office
Eye color dark
Hair color dark, start graying
Notable details has a very distinct hairstyle
Voice Actors:
Japanese Unknown
German Unknown

Vice-Admiral Hiroshi Uragami is the officer in command of the Military Command's Naval Strategies Office and essentially the number one man when it comes to Japanese Navy. He's also Ryuujirou Kamikage's go-to man when it comes to I-401's battles. Uragami is very knowledgeable about naval tactics but he admits that the I-401's crew has more experience when it comes to dealing with the "Fleet of Fog".

Appearance and personalityEdit

Vice-Admiral Uragami is a man in his fifties. He is of a normal height, but his body's build makes his appear as cobby. He has big potato-like nose, small black eyes under thick eyebrows and short black hair that starts graying. He also has whiskers and a short beard that connects with tiny mustaches at the corners of his mouth. His clothes are the same with those worn by other JSDMF officers: white shirt with shoulder straps, and white pants. He forgoes wearing his hat even outside of his office.

Despite his rather intimidating appearance - and he does look like someone who can fight well - he is actually a rather easy-going man, though playing political games has left its mark on him. He is quite protective of his charges and takes a lot of pride in the advances of Japanese Navy; especially in Hakugei submarines.


Vice-Admiral Uragami first appears when Ryuujirou Kamikage catches him in the government building and asks his opinion on the data from the battle of I-401 against heavy cruiser Takao, which was happening at that moment. Uragami said that by the books Gunzou was doing everything right, using the storm to sneak past the radar picket ship unnoticed, but he also commented that with all of his knowledge, the I-401's crew has more experience when it comes to dealing with the "Fleet of Fog".

When I-401 finally arrives to Yokosuka, Vice-Admiral Uragami was present at the meeting where Ryuujirou Kamikage briefed Gunzou Chihaya about the transportation of the Vibration Warhead Torpedo prototype to USA. After that meeting, Uragami had volunteered to show Gunzou the memorial built for the victims of the Facility #4 fire.

He also wanted to show Gunzou the latest of the Hakugei submarines, but the appearance of Ryoukan Kita had changed those plans. Uragami had initially stepped right in front of Gunzou, shielding him from Ryoukan as he glared the man down, but once Gunzou himself agreed to go with him, he begrudgingly allowed Kita to collect Gunzou.

Vice-Admiral Uragami's next appearance happened inboard of the re-equipped for the trans-Pacific voyage Hakugei (3) submarine. And while captain Komaki and others try to treat him as if he was there in his official capacity, he himself comments that he is just a 'guest'. However, he still advises the crew when Hakugei (3) submarine came to an internal fight between the two sub-factions of the "Fleet of Fog".


  • Daisaku Komaki - The captain of the Hakugei (3) submarine. The two know each other from their times at the Japanese National Maritime Institute of Technology, however what kind of a relationship they had there is not really known. Considering their age difference, it is likely that Uragami was Komaki's mentor.
  • Ryuujirou Kamikage - The assistant secretary to Military Command of Ministry of Defense; the man is something of an ally for Uragami when it comes to the more political dealings.
  • Ryoukan Kita - The ex-navy man who became to commander of the Japanese Army. Their relationship ranges from distrust to restrained hostility due to the different outlook on how things should work.
  • Cruz Herder - The officer in charge of Navy commandos and the fellow 'guest' inboard of the Hakugei (3) submarine during her trans-Pacific voyage.
  • Gunzou Chihaya - Something like a charge to Vice-Admiral Uragami. It can be said that Uragami likes Gunzou as he sees the captain of the new era in him.