Union core

"Fleet of Fog" vessel's Union core

Union core is the heart of "Fleet of Fog" vessels. While not much is known about its functions, it is said that the Mental Models possessed by many warships of the "Fleet of Fog" are formed and shaped according to their Union core's *subconsciousness*.

Union CoreEdit

The Union core of a "Fleet of Fog" vessel appears as a flattened metallic sphere about three inches in diameter with a number of smaller spheres merged into it. The core also has a "Fleet of Fog" insignia on its top side.

Inside the Union core, there is a powerful quantum computer that is capable of self-awareness, quantum communication devices and conventional communication systems; Kirishima was able to hack into human radio channels even when she lost both her hull and her Mental Model. Union cores are also capable of manipulating unaligned or friendly nanomaterials around them.

Union cores are quite durable, but they are unable to manifest a Wave-Force armor on their own - this requires a construction of needed hardware with nanomaterials. Thus, they can be destroyed with conventional weapons.

Notes Edit

  • The only "Fleet of Fog" vessel that doesn't seem to have a union core is Maya in the anime.
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