Submarine U-2501
Mental Model | Vessel
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 18
Anime n/a
Mental Model information:
Status Active
Affiliation "Crimson Fleet", Zordan Stark, Chihaya Shouzou
Mental Model's Appearance:
Eye color green
Hair color blonde
Vessel Status:
Status Active
Vessel information:
Type "Fleet of Fog" Type XXI submarine
Displacement 1,621/2,100 tons
Length 76.7 m
Beam 8 m
Draft 5.3 m
Maximal Speed more than 35 knots
Armament 6x torpedo tubes;
Photon cannons;
missile launchers
Wave-Force Armor yes
Voice Actors:
Japanese Unknown
German Unknown

U-2501 is a "Fleet of Fog" submarine that is a part of the "Scarlet Fleet". She has a human crew with Zordan Stark as her captain.

Submarine U-2501Edit

U-2501 is a "Fleet of Fog" reincarnation a of type XXI U-boat WWII German submarine U-2501, upgraded with "Fog" technology. She has no known sisters, but is accompanied by a fleet of Seehund miniature drone submarines and a resupply vessel Milchkuh. U-2501 is currently serving as a traitor-hunting submarine of the "Scarlet Fleet".

U-2501 appears to have dark armor with reddish tint and red markings on her hull.

U-2501 is smaller than I-401 and doesn't have as great offensive arsenal in board. She has six front torpedo tubes and a number of Photon cannons as a part of her active anti-missile defense system. However, U-2501 usually attacks with her fleet of at least three dozens of Seehund miniature submarines that she controls. While each of those small submarines is rather weak, their great number makes them a real threat even to a bigger "Fog" vessels.

U-2501 is equipped with a moderately-powerful Wave-Force armor, but it is quite enough as she rarely engages an enemy directly, thus staying away from the fight. U-2501 can use passive and active decoys and she can use 20 of her Seehunds to create a perfect duplicate of herself. Additionally, U-2501 has a Mirror-Ring system installed: this allows her to absorb and then release as a shock-wave at attack of almost any power. It is unclear where from U-2501 received this upgrade, as no "Fleet of Fog" submarine has a high-enough ranking to have Mirror-Ring system of her own. However, recent comments in a conversation between Lexington and New Jersey appear to show that it may have something to do with superbattleship Musashi.

According to Lexington, U-2501 was actually created by Chihaya Shouzou, or at least on his orders. Whether U-2501 indeed is someone created recently, or Lexington was merely referring to the massive upgrades made to U-2501, is not clear. Lexington also adds that U-2501 is actually using the Union Core of the destroyer Z1 Leberecht Maass.

One of Zordan Stark's comments also implies that she might have a sister-boat U-2502 following her in the shadows. But at the moment nothing is known about her.

Mental modelEdit

U-2501 has one Mental Model. She appears to be a girl in her early teens. She appears to have green eyes and long blond hair that turns darker towards its ends. She wears a light-colored white and green gown. Unlike many other Mental Models, she doesn't wear any shoes.

U-2501's Mental Model appears to be a romantic at heart. She enjoys sea breeze and sunsets. She's rather kind and a bit childish sweet girl. Her hobby appears to be dancing.

While U-2501 can have a Mental Model, her captain doesn't want her to use it, claiming that this is an unneeded waste of computational power which can he used for other and more 'important' purposes, such as controlling a fleet sea hounds. U-2501 doesn't like being restricted like this - it sometimes borderlines abuse - but she still complies with her captain's wishes and doesn't use her Mental Model.


Sea hounds

U-2501's sea hound miniature submarines

U-2501 first appears when I-401 was traveling from Yokosuka port to Iwo Jima following her battle with Haruna and Kirishima battlehsips. Because I-401 was damaged and out of Corrosive Warhead Torpedoes, U-2501 had a pretty easy time defeating her opponent. However, Zordan Stark decided that this was not the time for him to sink I-401, and as such I-401's and Gunzou Chihaya's adventures continued.

A bit later, U-2501 meets up with Nagato, who was assigned as her temporary flagship. Here, Zordan Stark says that he will destroy Takao, who by now became a confirmed defector, next.

U-2501 attacks Takao while she was guiding I-401 `captured` dummy to the Yokosuka port. Since Takao had to concentrate on more that the fight, U-2501 managed to get a good start at destroying the `tsundere heavy cruiser`. However, I-402 come to Takao's help and takes controls over the dummy from her. This allows Takao to fight back more effectively and she manages to destroy quite a lot of sea hounds.

Still, Takao was heavily damaged and almost breaking apart. As her last attempt to win this fight, Takao unleashes her Super-Graviton Cannon (using U-2501's coordinates given to her by I-402). This, however, was in vain, as U-2501 managed to catch this shot with her Mirror-Ring system. The shock-wave that resulted from the release of that shot's energy finished Takao's destruction.

U-2501 herself too suffered a lot from using this defense system, and was forced to withdraw without finishing Takao off when I-401 sniped the resupply vessel Milchkuh. Currently, U-2501's captain Zordan Stark is planning to confront I-401 despite the heavy losses his fleet has suffered.



  • According to the dialogues, U-2501 has a twin sister, U-2502.
  • U-2501 is one of the three known "Fog" vessels with a human crew inboard. Out of those three vessels, she is the only one that is abused by her captain.
  • U-2501 is the first "Fleet of Fog" recreation of a German submarine to appear in the series.
  • U-2501's personal sigil appears to be very similar to the one that became the symbol of the Geass in "Code Geass" manga/anime series.


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