Zordan Stark
Japanese Name ゾルダン スターク
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 18
Anime n/a
General information:
Gender male
Alive yes
Affiliation Shouzou Chihaya, "Crimson Fleet"
Current occupation captain of U-2501
Eye color blue
Hair color blonde
Voice Actors:
Japanese Unknown
German Unknown

Zordan Stark is Shouzou Chihaya's subordinate within the "Scarlet fleet" division of the "Fleet of Fog" and the captain of U-2501 submarine

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Zordan is a rather tall man in his early twenties with has blond hair, all but a single lock of which is upswept behind, and blue eyes. According to Francette's offhand comment, Zordan's ancestors were Prussian aristocrats ("junkers").

His clothes consist of white shirt, which he wears without a tie and with the top button unbuttoned; and gray pants. When he has to leave the submarine, he puts on a peaked cap and either a deep-glue with white cross on the front and the back along with a jacket or gray overcloak - depends on whether he is meeting someone who is of similar or lower rank, or someone who is his superior.

While Zordan isn't exactly an evil man, he comes across as cold, arrogant and unfeeling. He forbids U-2501 to manifest a Mental Model even outside of a fight because it uses up too much computational power - which can be spent more effectively, when there are humans inboard to make decisions. He doesn't understand why Gunzou allows I-401 to keep hers. He isn't much better with his human subordinates, and while Romuald seems to be alright with it, Francette certainly doesn't like it much, even if she doesn't voice it in his presence.

Zordan is a perfectionist and he greatly dislikes when things don't go the way he had planned for. During the fight with heavy cruiser Takao he comments that she makes him hate himself because he was forced to reveal too many of U-2501's trump cards.


Zordan Stark is introduced when his U-2501 comes to fight I-401 as she was on her way from Yokosuka to Iwo Jima. Had those two submarines met when I-401 was fully stocked and completely repaired, the outcome of that fight might have been different, but as I-401 was damaged after her fight with battlehsips Haruna and Kirishima and was low on ammunition, U-2501 managed to corner her with her fleet of Seehund submarines. Gunzou wisely chose to surrender, and as Zordan had no intentions to sink him back then, he was allowed to continue his adventures.

A bit later U-2501 was found by the Second Oriental Fleet flagship Nagato and Zordan Stark had a talk with her twin Mental Models. He told them that he was now going to sink Takao who had deserted from the "Fleet of Fog" and Nagato gave him their blessing.


U-2501 submarine

U-2501 attacks Takao as she was escorting I-401's active decoy to Yokosuka port. And even though the 'tsundere heavy cruiser' was using a lot of her processor to maintain the decoy, she managed to put up a good fight to the point where Zordan had to order U-2501, her Seehund submarines and resupply vessel Milchkuh to regroup, before they continued with their mission to sink her.

And while the second round of that battle left Takao on the verge of being sunk, with some help from I-402 who was observing the fight, she managed to get a nice shot at U-2501, And had Zordan not activated U-boat's Mirror-Ring system, they would have been destroyed instead. The spatial shockwave created when the Mirror-Ring system released the absorbed energy had broken Takao apart.

But before Zordan could have had her Mental Model and her core destroyed, the resupply vessel Milchkuh was sniped by I-401's new Super-Graviton cannon (though Zordan Stark didn't knew whom that cannon belonged to). Having already suffered loss of a great number of the Seehund submarines and with U-2501 in no real shape to continue fight right now, Zordan decided that it was time to withdraw from these waters.

Some time later he is seen talking to Shouzou Chihaya. There, Zordan stated that despite losing the resupply vessel Milchkuh, he will continue his mission and will confront I-401.


  • Shouzou Chihaya - Zordan's superior and commander.
  • U-2501 - She is just a tool to use for him. And as a tool, she needs to be the most effective, which, in his mind, means that since she has a human crew inboard, she doesn't need a Mental Model. He gets very angry with her when he catches her manifesting her Mental Model.
  • Romuald - A member of U-2501's crew. He's in charge of weapon systems and writes the programs for the Seehund submarines. Was in an unknown warzone
  • Francette - Another member of U-2501's crew. She is the sonar operator. Was also in an unknown warzone
  • Gunzou Chihaya - Zordan calls him 'a likable fool'. While he has some interest in Gunzou because he is Shouzou's son, ultimately, he's just a captain of a vessel he has to sink.
  • Takao - A vessel to be sunk. Zordan kinda succeeded with that.
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