Seehund drone submarines
Sea hounds
Seehund drone submarines during the hunt
First appearance:
Manga: Chapter 18
Anime: n/a
Vessel's status:
Affiliation Stark Zordan & U-2501
Status ~50% of the fleet destroyed by Takao
General information:
Type "Fleet of Fog" Type XXVII submarines
Displacement 17/17 tons
Length 12 m
Beam 1.5 m
Draft Unknown
Maximal Speed Unknown
Armament 2x torpedoes
Wave-Force Armor no
Mental Model n/a

Seehunds are small AI-controlled drone submarines used by U-2501 as her personal attack fleet. While each of them is rather weak, a pack of such submarines are a very real danger even to a powerful battleship.

Seehund submarinesEdit

Seehunds are the "Fleet of Fog" reincarnation of WWII German Type XXVII Seehund midget submarines. Seehunds have dark armor with jaw-like red mark near the front of their hulls. Like their prototypes, these miniature submarines are only 12 meters long and can carry just two torpedoes on external pods. Also, much like their prototypes, Seehunds can't operate on their own and require a resupply/support vessel. In U-2501's case it is submarine Milchkuh.

Seehunds do not possess even a proper AI inboard and as such U-2501 is remotely controlling them. These midget submarines also don't have a Wave-Force armor and, thus, can be destroyed even with conventional weapons. Their small size, however, means that hitting one is not an easy task.

On it own, one Seehund is not a big threat - it doesn't carry any weapons, other than the two torpedoes - but U-2501 has a fleet of at least three dozens of them. This pack can do considerable damage. And with the resupply vessel Milchkuh to rearm them, the Seehunds become a real danger, even to battleships. To this day, U-2501 and her Seehunds managed to force I-401 into surrendering and sunk heavy cruiser Takao.

Seehund drone submarines have another ability: 20 of them can combine in order to create a 'clone' of U-2501 to destroy an enemy or shield the real 'mothership' from an attack. In addition to this, Seehunds can use their active sonars to "howl" for U-2501, while she is hiding using Masker technology.

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