Romauld as seen in manga
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 18
Anime n/a
General information:
Gender male
Alive yes
Affiliation Stark Zordan, "Crimson Fleet"
Current occupation Weapon master of U-2501
Eye color amber
Hair color red
Notable details wears strange goggle-like thing;
Always sucks on some candy
Voice Actors:
Japanese Unknown
German Unknown

Romuald is a crew member and the weapon master of U-2501 submarine and a subordinate to Zordan Stark.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Romuald is a young boy - probably one of the youngest characters in the series - with unruly red hair and amber eyes, though those are almost always hidden behind the strange goggle-like thing he is wearing. His clothes consist of random T-shirts and pants.

Romuald is a son of a fisherman who ended up dragged into war that engulfed the Europe. At one point around two years before the series start, Zordan Stark had picked him up and offered him a position of the weapons master of U-2501, an offer that Romuald had accepted.

In a sense, he is a lot like his captain, Zordan Stark: he is also a pragmatist who sees doesn't see any sense in the things that aren't useful. Though unlike Zordan, he isn't very talkative and when he speaks he is rather blunt and to the point. This personality of his, along with Zordan Stark's own, cause Francette to think of their boat as something so unfeeling. However, he does have a 'weakness'. Namely, his love for sweets - he is always seen with some lollipop in his mouth.


Romuald is a background character, who commands the U-2501's fleet of Seehund submarines and writes the programs for them. And, apparently, he concentrates too much on improving the offensive capabilities of those drone submarines, while not paying enough attention to their defensive maneuvers. This was shown well enough when Takao quickly dispatched fifteen percent of the Seehund submarines fleet with just a few of her attacks. He does acknowledge that he needs to work on improving those quite easily, though.


  • Zordan Stark - Romuald's superior and the captain for U-2501 submarine.
  • Francette - Fellow crew member; she is the sonar operator.
  • U-2501 - The submarine that is their home and the base of their operations. However, because of Zordan Stark forbidding her from manifesting a Mental Model and Romuald's own disinterest, it can't be said that they have any proper relationship.


  • Romuald is the youngest fully-human characters within the series. The design children are younger, but they are not considered to be fully human.
  • Romuald is the only human who is known to actually write software for the "Fleet of Fog" vessels.
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