Osakabe Makoto
Design Child Makoto Osakabe
Japanese Name 誠 刑部
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 24
Anime n/a
General information:
Gender male
Age 10 real
20 physically
Alive yes
Affiliation Japan, Sapporo
Current occupation Prime Minister of Japan; Mayor of Sapporo
Eye color unknown
Hair color black
Voice Actors:
Japanese Unknown
German Unknown

Makoto Osakabe is a Design Child created as the most efficient leader for the people of Japan and Sapporo in the hard times that followed the defeat of humanity at the hands of the "Fleet of Fog" in the great battle of 2039.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Makoto appears as an effeminate male of about twenty years old, even though he himself is quite younger than that. He has rather long black hair. He keeps his eyes closed at all times, so it is impossible to tell what color they are. He was seen in a variety of clothes, though most often he wears an official ceremonial suit of the Prime Minister.

Created to be the most efficient leader for the troubled times, Makoto isn't equipped with emotions such as hate or regret. He actually appears to be quite emotionless and is often expressing his emotions awkwardly. Still, he cares a lot about his creator, professor Osakabe, and his little 'sister' Makie - enough to authorize a military operation on the territory outside of his jurisdiction.

Makoto is also a very bright man and can play political games just as good as normal human politicians with four times his experience. He is very perceptive and due to the lack of hatred in him, he can clearly see the changes that are happening within the "Fleet of Fog" and that the Mental Models are now trying to interact with humans. He doesn't know, whether those changes are for better or worse, but he will be following the path that will have the prosperity of humanity in the future as its end result, even if he has to support the enemy - the "Fleet of Fog" - at this time.

However he does have a much darker side. which has been shown in his treatment of Chihaya Saori. he takes complete advantage of his absolute power to torment her for no reason. which ultimately results in her suicide in the anime.


Makoto is a rather minor character, though he still plays an important role within the series. He is the one who warns professor Osakabe about the Mental Model of battleship Haruna that Makie brought to the mansion. And, later, when he gets the information about the Army attacking the mansion, he authorizes his own special forces to go there in order to protect Makie.

When Makie was brought to the Northern region following the attack on the Osakabe mansion, Makoto placed her in Chihaya Saori's care in order to help her deal with the death of professor Osakabe. He himself, meanwhile, communicates with Haruna, Kirishima and Maya, who had followed Makie to new Hakodate. He even shows them the flat Takao lived in during her stay in the city.

After getting to know the three Mental Models, and seeing that they indeed have Makie's best interests at heart, while the girl herself also wants to be with them he agrees to release her in their care even if many fear that the "Fleet of Fog" will learn the secrets of the Vibration Warhead Torpedo. Also, upon learning that the First Oriental Fleet that Haruna, Kirishima and Maya belong to is in the state of war, Makoto suggests that they head back to Yokosuka and try digging the information on the Facility #4 fire until the said 'war' is over.



  • Makoto's tie has a silhouette of the Hokkaido island printed on it.
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