New hakodate

Sea port in New Hakodate

New Hakodate is a coastal city in the Northern region of Japan. It falls under the decentralized capital Sapporo's jurisdiction and the main sea port of the region is located there.

New Hakodate portEdit

Being a coastal city, New Hakodate has a big sea port, one of the few still active ones in Japan. While it was never confirmed, it is likely that the port has fortified underground dry dock, much like the ones that can be found in Yokosuka. And like it is the case with the Yokosuka port, the port in New Hakodate is surrounded by the citadel wall - though it seems to be left incomplete, due to the lack of resources.

At the different times throughout the series, heavy cruiser Takao and heavy cruiser Maya (with battleships Haruna's and Kirishima's Mental Models inboard) had visited this port. The former did it in secret, while the later one had actually been invited here by the leader of the Northern region, Makoto Osakabe.

Bookstore and the LeveeEdit

New hakodate - bookstore

Book store in New Hakodate

Located on the levee facing the sea, there is a bookstore in New Hakodate. It is mostly famous for the fact that it had been visited by the heavy cruiser Takao's Mental Model during her stay in the city. In this bookstore, Takao had bought, arguably aimed for the younger audience, journal that empowered her desire to have Chihaya Gunzou as her captain.

The levee next to the aforementioned bookstore, Takao had also been confronted by I-400 and I-402, who had been looking for her, interested in her reasons for leaving the fleet.

Chihaya MansionEdit

Chiahaya mansion

Orangery within the Chihaya mansion

Somewhere within the New Hakodate the Chihaya mansion is located. In this place, Chihaya Saori, Gunzou's mother is kept under the house arrest, supposedly for her own safety.

Takao had discovered this place during her stay in New Hakodate - the amount of security in the area had drawn her attention - and eventually became friends with Saori, who even accepted Takao into the family and gave her a blessing to become her son's girlfriend.

Later, Osakabe Makie was placed into Saori's care, following the attack on the Osakabe mansion in Yokosuka city. Makie, however, left this place not much later in the company of Haruna's and Kirishima's and Maya's Mental Models.

Takao's ApartmentEdit

Takao's room

Takao's room

For the duration of her stay in New Hakodate, heavy cruiser Takao lived in an apartment (#502) somewhere within the city. Following her departure, the government had bought this apartment and sealed it up after taking the samples of nanomaterials for the research.

Haruna and Kirishima were able to identify the apartment as something where Takao lived when the prime minister of the Northern region had shown it to them, even if quite some time should have passed.