Light cruiser Nagara
Light cruiser Nagara
Japanese Name: 長良
First appearance:
Manga: Chapter 1
Anime: Episode 1
Vessel's status:
Affiliation "Fleet of Fog",
First Oriental Fleet
Status sunk, core missing
Sunk by I-401
General information:
Type "Fleet of Fog" Nagara-class Light cruiser
Displacement 6010 tons
Length 162.1 m
Beam 14.2 m
Draft 4.8 m
Maximal Speed 60 knots
Armament 6x Photon cannons;
12x torpedo tubes;
3x high-angle lasers;
Missile launchers;
Close-combat system
Wave-Force Armor yes
Mental Model n/a

Nagara is the standard "Fleet of Fog"'s light cruiser for the Orienral fleets. She is based on the the WWII Nagara-class light cruiser.

Light cruiser NagaraEdit

Light cruiser Nagara is the "Fleet of Fog" reincarnation of the WWII Nagara-class light cruiser. Two of her sisters, Natori and Yura, have made their appearance in the "Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio DC Movie".

Nagara is a rather powerful and quite versatile vessel, capable of single-handedly taking on whatever small groups of ships humanity still has. However, when compared to other "Fleet of Fog" ships and submarines, she is not all that powerful.

Nagara - and the other Nagara-class light cruisers - are armed with six 123 mm Photon cannons on 3 active turrents, 12 underwater torpedo tubes, 3 high-angle lasers, a number of missile launcher modules, and with a close-combat system. In addition, the Wave-Force armor allows to simply ram through human vessels without suffering any noticeable damage.

Nagara-class light cruisers are equipped with a moderately-powerful Wave-Force armor that will protect them from conventional weapons, but will likely fail when faced with Corrosive Warhead Torpedoes or even more powerful weapons from the "Fleet of Fog" arsenal. Futhermore, these light cruisers are relatively slow and are unable to dive underwater, which makes them an easier target.

Nagara-class light cruisers are equipped with passive and active sonars and are able to detect Sen-toku class submarines if one is not overly cautious while approaching it. However, should a submarine use stealth mode, it is quite likely that she would be missed.

Being a light cruiser, Nagara - and her sisters - do not possess a core with high-enough computation power to be able to manifest a Mental Model without side help.


Nagara was ordered to prevent humans in Saga prefecture from launching an SSTO with blueprints and a prototype of Vibration Warhead Torpedo. However, I-401 had been hired to protect the launch site and she had sunk Nagara. Later, I-402, acting on Yamato's orders, searched for Nagara's core but was unable to locate it.


  • Nagara is the first "Fleet of Fog" vessel after I-401 to appear in manga.
  • Accroding to episode 12 of the anime, Kongou's berserk form incorporates 8 unnamed light cruisers that are collectively referred to as 'Nagara 1 through 8'. However, only 6 light cruisers of this class have ever been completed in real life.