Heavy cruiser Myoukou
Mental Model (anime) | Mental Model (manga) | Vessel
Japanese name 妙高
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 48
Anime Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio DC movie
Mental Model information:
Status Active
Affiliation "Fleet of Fog", Kongou
Mental Model's Appearance:
Eye color Pink
Hair color Pink
Vessel Status:
Status Active
Vessel information:
Type "Fleet of Fog" Myoukou-class heavy cruiser
Displacement 13,500 tons
Length 201.7 m
Beam 20.73 m
Draft 6.32 m
Maximal Speed 90 knots
Armament 12x torpedo tubes;
Photon cannons;
Super-Graviton Cannon;
Missile launchers;
Depth charges
Sniper cannon;
Wave-Force Armor yes
Voice Actors:
Japanese Fukuhara Ayaka
German Unknown

Myoukou is a "Fleet of Fog" heavy cruiser from the First Oriental Fleet. She is part of the I-401 pursue fleet led by battleships Kongou and Hiei. While Hiei is the commander of the operation in absense of Kongou, Myoukou is the actual executive officer as she does hands-on management of the other heavy cruisers and destroyers of the pursue fleet.

Heavy cruiser MyoukouEdit

Myoukou is a "Fleet of Fog" reincarnation of WWII Myoukou-class heavy cruiser Myoukou. She has three sisters, all of whom have made their appearance within the series: Nachi, Haguro and Ashigara.

In anime, Myoukou's hull is dark purple with purplish-pink for superstructure and turrets as well as for a few stripes here and there on the hull's sides. The glowing insignia that she has as a "Fleet of Fog" vessel are pink in color.

It appears that Myoukou is similar in design and armament to succeeding Takao-class heavy cruisers: ten main Photon cannons on five turrets, a number of smaller Photon cannons, a number of missile launchers, 12 torpedo tubes, and a Super-Graviton Cannon. Later chapters revealed that she also has a pair of sniper cannons, apparently the equipment unique to her. These cannons are extremely powerful and about as long as Myoukou's entire hull.

She's also supposed to have a moderately-powerful Wave-Force armor, but since Myoukou has yet to participate in any battles, this hasn't been confirmed.

Mental ModelEdit

Heavy cruiser Myoukou has one Mental Model. She appears as a girl in her early twenties. She has short strawberry-blond or even outright pink hair that curls around her face. Her left eye is also pink, while the right one is hidden behind an eye-patch. Myoukou is also the only Mental Model to have a scar.

Myoukou wears an asymmetric version of Hiei's 'school' uniform with the left side being noticeably longer than the right side. Additionally, Myoukou wears something resembling an armored bracer on her left hand and an armband with 'Student-council vice-president' written on it. However, this might not be her normal look as she comments to her sister Haguro that these uniforms are something to boost the fleet's morale and unify it.

Myoukou is someone who prefers action, though she is willing to wait, if needed. At the same time, she is against going overboard as she declines Ashigara's idea to blow I-401 up by dumping all of the corrosive warheads they have into the ocean. Myoukou is very loyal to Kongou and asks Hiei to protect her no matter what.


Myoukou is a part of the I-401 hunting squad led by battleships Kongou and Hiei. Her original role within this fleet was coordinating the actions between her younger sisters and lesser vessels. After Kongou deployed her Flagship equipment and I-401 attempted to take a peek at it, Myoukou was reassigned as a sniper.

She managed to land a solid hit on I-401, seriously wounding her, however to accomplish that she had to overload her cannons, which also damaged her own hull.


  • Kongou - Myoukou's flagship.
  • Hiei - Hiei is the de-facto flagship of the First Oriental Fleet, to which Myoukou belongs.
  • Atago - She was assigned to be Myoukou's subordinate during the I-401 hunt.
  • Haguro - Myoukou's sister and subordinate
  • I-401 - A target to be sunk. Myoukou is looking forward to the fight, though the exact reason as to why is not clear: it might be her desire to fight, or just wanting to be done with this job as quickly as possible.


  • Myoukou, Nachi, Haguro and Ashigara are the only set of sister vessels that made an appearance within the same chapter.
  • So far, Myoukou is the only Mental Model to have scars (only in manga). She's also the only one to wear an eye-patch, though it is more decorative than anything. (It actually served as a targeting unit the sniper cannon in the movie).
  • Both the ship and mental model appear in Wargaming's World of Warships as "ARP Myoko".