Superbattleship Musashi
Mental Model (anime) | Mental Model (manga) | Vessel
Japanese name 武蔵
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 17
Anime Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio DC movie
Mental Model information:
Status Active (manga);
Ascended (anime)
Affiliation "Scarlet Fleet", Chihaya Shouzou
Mental Model's Appearance:
Eye color red
Hair color white
Vessel Status:
Status Active (manga);
Sunk (anime)
Sunk by Yamato & I-401 union
Vessel information:
Type "Fleet of Fog" Yamato-class battleship
Displacement 74,000 tons
Length 263 m
Beam 36.9 m
Draft 10.86 m
Maximal Speed 80 knots
Armament Photon cannons;
Super-Graviton Cannon;
missile launchers;
depth charges; Mirror-Ring System
Wave-Force Armor yes
Voice Actors:
Japanese Kugimiya Rie
German Unknown

Musashi is a superbattleship of the"Fleet of Fog". She's also the flagship of the "Scarlet Fleet" division led by Shouzou Chihaya.

Superbattleship MusashiEdit

Musashi is the "Fleet of Fog" reincarnation of the WWII Yamato-class superbattleship Musashi and is the flagship of the "Scarlet Fleet". She has at least one sister, superbattleship Yamato, who is the supreme flagship of the "Fleet of Fog". It's unknown whether her other sister, Shinano, whose prototype never entered service, will make her appearance as well.

Musashi has blue and orange color scheme in anime.

As a superbattleship, Musashi is in possession of the most powerful weaponry available to the "Fleet of Fog". These include multiple Photon cannons, missile launchers, high-angle lasers and, undoubtedly, a high-power Super-Graviton Cannon. And, unlike normal battleships, Musashi can fire it in several independent shots. It's not clear whether Musashi has torpedo tubes or not, however.

Musashi is also supposed to have one of the most powerful Wave-Force armors within the "Fleet of Fog", but since she is yet to participate in any battles, it's impossible to verify this. Musashi also has a Mirror-Ring system, which is capable of catching and redirecting away a single attack of practically any power level.

As a superbattleship, she possesses powerful computational processing power akin to her sister ship Yamato. But with her human crew controlling around 40% of her equipment, she is able to focus more on other processes, thus improving her overall performance.

Mental modelEdit

Superbattleship Musashi has one Mental Model. She appears as a girl in her early teens with almost white hair. it was revealed in Cadenza that Musashi's eyes are red as she appears to be very prone to open them when she is with Yamato.

In manga she is seen wearing either white fur coat with white fur hat, or a white dress with a bow in her hair. In anime, on the other hand, she is depicted wearing black sleeveless shirt, extremely-short black shorts and black boots with stockings. Either way, a flower of some sort is always present, either attached to her hat, or onto that hair-bow.

Musashi is a bit dreamy and detached from reality, but she seems to have a good understanding of human emotions, even if she doesn't really display them all that much herself - she chastises her captain, Shouzou Chihaya, for his rather underwhelming reaction to the news about his son's supposed death. In the recent chapters it was shown that Musashi is actually helping her crew with day-to-day tasks such as keeping her ship-body clean.

Musashi appears to possibly have an interest in golf. She is seen on her own bridge wearing a polo shirt and a transparent visor (common golfing attire) and carrying a putter.

In Cadenza movie, Musashi was shown to be very shy and, perhaps, somewhat afraid of humans back when Yamato was still around. Following the death of Chihaya Shouzou at the hands of the humans who disagreed with his decision of negotiating peace with the "Fleet of Fog", Musashi abandons that personality in favor of the one we know her with. She nevertheless creates and maintains a nano-material clone of her father to gain strength from.

Apparently a ship of Musashi's power is normally expected to have more than one mental model. Corroborated by the fact that only one mental model has ever been seen, Lexington speculated that Musashi is responsible for operating the U-2501's Mirror-Ring system defense, as the submarine's own Union core could not possibly have provided enough computational power to handle a system intended for a superbattleship.


So far Musashi has been a passive player and has done nothing more that being Shouzou Chihaya's moving base of operations. Despite this, she is still a flagship with at least two major vessels under her command: U-2501 and Milchkuh (sunk) submarines. Capital Ship Bismarck is either allied or a subordinate to Musashi.

In the DC OVA Musashi seems to have slightly different role. She hosted the mental models of the Myokou sisters on her deck during their broadcast on the human's network. She supposedly spoke for Yamato and may be second in command of the entire Fleet of Fog, although she still called Shouzou Chihaya "Father".


  • Shouzou Chihaya - Musashi's captain and the leader of the "Scarlet Fleet". She always respectfully calls him 'Father' even if he treats her like his queen.
  • Yamato - Musashi's sister and the supreme flagship of the "Fleet of Fog". In anime, Musashi expresses her love, however unusual it might be, towards Yamato.
  • U-2501 - One of Musashi's subordinates through her captain's allies.
  • Gunzou Chihaya - Shouzou's son. Whether under her captain's orders or out of her own interest, Musashi keeps a tab on what happens to Gunzou.


  • Musashi is one of the three known "Fleet of Fog" vessels with a human crew inboard. She's also the only known battleship with a human crew - the other two vessels are submarines.
  • When Shouzou made his public speech announcing the formation of the Scarlet Fleet and its alliance with United Kingdom, Musashi made a rather dramatic public appearance in her Mental Model, which probably a first ever for Mental Model to make their existence known to humanity in general.


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