The Mirror-Ring System is considered to be the absolute defense in the "Fleet of Fog" arsenal. It is capable of capturing and redirecting away virtually any attack made against the vessel equipped with it.

Mirror-Ring SystemEdit


Mirror-Ring System as seen in Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio DC movie

The Mirror-Ring System is the most powerful defensive mechanism available to the "Fleet of Fog" vessels. However, unlike the Wave-Force armor, which is a passive defensive barrier, Mirror-Ring System requires explicit activation. Furthermore, if the vessel using it is less powerful than a superbattleship, the system will also suffer from a cooldown, during which it can't be used.

Upon activation, the Mirror-Ring system generates circular portal-like spatial anomalies that will suck in any incoming attack up to and including a blast from the Super-Graviton Cannon. Once the energy of the attack is fully absorbed, it is then released as a powerful omni-directional shockwave capable of seriously damaging even "Fleet of Fog" ships.
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Yamato's Mirror-Ring System

The Mirror-Ring System is supposed to the trump card of flagship-level battleships and superbattleships. In manga, Yamato went as far as to have Takao's memories of it locked away to keep Gunzou and I-401 in the dark about it.

In the anime, Battleship Hiei, along with Light Cruisers Natori and Yura, activated the Mirror-Ring System, forming a crystal, then later, two Mirrors. In the Cadenza Movie, Yamato
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Musashi's Mirror-Ring System

activated her Mirror-Ring System in the beginning of the movie, and it was composed of 16 Mirrors. Musashi's Mirror-Ring system is composed by two enormous Red glowing Mirror-Rings.

While Mirror-Ring system is an ultimate defensive mechanism that can turn the enemies' attacks against them, it places significant stress on the vessel using it, especially if this vessel wasn't meant to have access to the Mirror-Ring System in the first place:

  • In manga, U-2501 suffered a sharp temporary drop in sensory capacity and even took some actual damage to the hull from activation of its Mirror-Ring System. It is presumed that U-2501 got her Mirror-Ring System under the orders from Chihaya Shouzou and Musashi.
  • In Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio DC Movie, Hiei required assistance from two light cruisers - Natori and Yura - to activate hers.
  • Both Yamato and Musashi use their Mirror-Ring Systems during the Cadenza movie.
  • Yamato and Musashi need six Super Graviton Cannon-like pods to activate the System
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