Heavy cruiser Maya
Mental Model (anime) | Mental Model (manga) | Vessel
Japanese name 摩耶 (マヤ)
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 15
Anime Episode 1
Mental Model information:
Status Active (manga);
Absorbed by Kongou (anime)
Affiliation "Fleet of Fog", Haruna (manga); Kongou, I-400 & I-402 (anime)
Mental Model's Appearance:
Eye color Blue (manga);
Dark-brown (anime)
Hair color Black (manga);
Dark-brown (anime)
Vessel Status:
Status Active (manga);
Absorbed by Kongou (anime)
Vessel information:
Type "Fleet of Fog" Takao-class heavy cruiser
Displacement 13,410 tons
Length 203.76 m
Beam 20.72 m
Draft 9.44 m
Maximal Speed 90 knots
Armament 20x Torpedo tubes;
74x Photon cannons;
56x Missile launchers;
Depth charges;
Super-Graviton Cannon;
Wave-Force Armor Yes
Voice Actors:
Japanese MAKO
German Charlotte Uhlig

Maya is a heavy cruiser, originally from the First Oriental Fleet of "Fleet of Fog". She still follows Kongou's order of assisting Haruna and Kirishima, even if the latter two went rogue.

Heavy cruiser MayaEdit

Maya is a "Fleet of Fog" reincarnation of WWII Takao-class heavy cruiser Maya. All three of her 'sisters': Takao, Atago and Choukai have made an appearance in the series.

In manga Maya has an orange and dark-gray color scheme with orange markings on her hull. Interestingly enough, the flames of the reactive systems she uses for docking in ports also have distinct orange color. In anime her color scheme was shifted towards pink.

Maya, as a heavy cruiser, has an extensive arsenal of weapons, which includes but is not limited to: Super-Graviton Cannon, a number of Photon cannons, several torpedo tubes and a great number of vertical missile launchers of various calibers. Her full (or almost full) arsenal was revealed when Haruna went berserk and almost ordered an annihilation attack on nearby civilian cities.

Mental modelEdit

Heavy cruiser Maya has one Mental Model. She appears as a girl in her late teens with waist long black (brown in anime) hair and blue (brown in anime) eyes. Her clothes vary, but there is always something of red color on her. She often wear a large yellow 'smiley' badge on the right side of her skirt or her dress.

Maya is childish, very lively, social and doesn't like it when others forget about her. She doesn't like waiting for others and likely will annoy anyone - even someone like Kongou - if she's forced to wait for too long.

She has interest in music and is often seen with some musical instrument, usually a piano. However, she still makes mistakes when creating those; at one point, Kongou told her that her piano has the keyboard completely wrong. Her other hobby is singing. She tries to sing even at times when it's not very appropriate, like when delivering surveillance information to her current superior.

Role : MangaEdit

Maya was ordered to meet up with Haruna and Kirishima after they finish their business in Yokosuka bay. However, when both battleships were sunk, Maya was forced to wait until Haruna's Mental Model could reach her with Kirishima's core. As she was waiting for them, she had sung a song for over 180 000 times, all the while broadcasting it to Kongou, who was far from thrilled by Maya.

When the Osakabe mansion was attacked by armed forces, Haruna had requested Maya to grant her access to her (Maya's) weapon system, to which Maya agreed, saying: "Awaiting orders, fleet detachment flagship". When Haruna went berserk, only the timely intervention of the holder of the Admiralty Code saved three cities from being annihilated by Maya's weapon system, which was connected to Haruna and following Haruna's orders.

After Haruna and Kirishima got on board Maya, the three followed Makie to the Northern region capital Sapporo. Eventually, Makie agreed to come with Haruna and Kirishima. While the two battleships' Mental Models had their final conversation with Makoto Osakabe, the administrator of the Northern Region, Maya was entertaining Makie by playing on a violin for her. When Makie asked whether she could try playing the violin herself, Maya agreed, only to find out that Makie can play better than her.

Role : AnimeEdit

In the anime, at first, Maya appears to be a proper character; however, it was later revealed that her Mental Model was a fake and was just an observation unit created and maintained by I-400 and I-402 in order to keep an eye on Kongou.


  • Haruna - Maya's fleet detachment flagship. Maya is very enthusiastic and is willing to do a lot for her; however, if the situation requires Maya to be quiet, Haruna might freeze her core.
  • Kirishima - Technically, Maya's second fleet detachment flagship, however they barely interact with each other. Maya definitely loves Haruna more.
  • Kongou - The flagship of the First Oriental Fleet and Maya's superior. Maya used to annoy her by repeatedly singing the same song to her over the quantum communication network.
  • Takao - Maya's older 'sister'. Apparently, even if they were a part of the same fleet, they weren't very close. However, when Maya learns that Makie is staying with Saori Chihaya, Gunzou's mother, she comments that she is a bit interested in the man who stole her 'sister's' heart.


  • It appears that the musical instruments that Maya creates work the way she wants them whether they are made correctly or not.
  • Maya is also known to give the term of endearment "Flagship of My Heart" to Haruna, something that fans later would adopt to show their affection to a series' character.
  • In the end-of-episode guest illustration of episode 9 of the anime, Maya is depicted with another Maya from the Kantai Collection browser-based game.


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