Matsushima II
Matsushima II shuttle submarine
Japanese Name: 松島
First appearance:
Manga: Chapter 55
Anime: n/a
Vessel's status:
Affiliation "Blue Steel",
Status Sunk
Sunk by Kongou
General information:
Type "Fleet of Fog" custom vessels
Displacement Unknown
Length Unknown
Beam Unknown
Draft Unknown
Maximal Speed Unknown
Armament 16x torpedo tubes;
Missile launchers;
Super-Graviton Cannon control module
Wave-Force Armor yes
Mental Model n/a

Matsushima II is the upgraded version of the original Matsushima, which was intended to act as a resupply vessel for I-401 with weapons salvaged from Hyuuga's husk.

Matsushima II submarineEdit

Matsushima II is noticeably bigger than the original Matsushima and has completely different appearance. It actually looks more like some futuristic spaceship placed underwater than a conventional submarine. That said, she is still not autonomous and needs to be manually controlled.

Also, unlike her predecessor, Matsushima II is armed. She has at least 16 torpedo tubes, numerous missile launchers, and carries several dozens of Corrosive Warhead Torpedoes that have been salvaged from Hyuuga's husk. In addition to that, Matsushima can synchronize with the Auxiliary Super-Graviton Cannon ships and fire a Super-Graviton Cannon using them.

While much bigger and, likely, less stealthy than the original Matsushima, Matsushima II does have Wave-Force armor to protect itself with, though it's not very powerful.

According to Hyuuga, Matsushima's hull isn't made entirely from nanomaterials and will start breaking apart if the submarine exceeds 1500m depths.


Matsushima II is first seen docked with Hakugei III some time after Gunzou and Hyuuga salvage the latter's husk for materials and munitions.

After the battle between I-401 and Kongou's fleet heats up, Gunzou decides to use Matsushima II for offense and distraction. While this plan kinda works - he was able to neutralize the hinting fleet, sinking Kongou was able to critically damage Matsushima II in retaliation. And, when that wasn't enough to outright destroy it, Kongou rams it with her prow (the rest of her hull is debris at that point).