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Volume 13 is the first volume of the Part II of the manga.

This volume starts with chapter 80, published on October 30, 2016.

This volume hasn't been officially released in English yet.

Volume 13Edit

Chapter 80Edit

Chapter begins with a long flashback to the night when Gunzou became the captain of I-401. And then shifts to Nodoka (Yamato), who is feeling a little jealous of Iona due to her being able to entice Gunzou like she did.

The second half of the chapter is a conversation between Akashi and Choukai.

Chapter 81Edit

I-402 makes contact with Kita Ryoukan. There is some discussion on why he was chosen as the person the "Fleet of Fog" contacts and what like the fleet was 17 years ago, during the Great Naval Battle, but, ultimately, nothing of any actual importance was said on-screen yet.

Meanwhile, I-401 sails to Inubou Coast, Japan, where she is greeted by Kamikage Ryuujirou and a number of navy officers.

Chapter 82Edit

I-400 reveals that she has towed Takao's new hull from Hashirajima. The Tsundere Heavy Cruiser, however, isn't given full control over it until she's done with the mission Yamato gave her. Still, I-400 wants her to test this new hull by "playing" with Maya. One of the stated reason for this is Supreme Flagship's fears of Haruna going out of control and directing (Maya's) firepower towards the land, which goes against the Admiralty Code's directives.

Once Takao starts acclimating to having her hull back, she is hit with the memories of Iona making her contract with Gunzou. It is implied that this was an 'attack' by Atago, who was observing all this.

The second part of the chapter is a flashback that shows that Iona's battle against Kongou's fleet was a deliberate action to draw the "Fleet of Fog"'s attention away from Hakugei III, while it sneaked past the blockade around Japan with the Vibration Warhead Torpedo blueprints. And that this battle was only the first step of Gunzou's plan: then next one is to confront Nagato's fleet and to draw them up North in order to keep them away from Hakugei III. And, despite Gunzou being MIA, Iona is resolved to follow those plans.

Chapter 83Edit

Maya, apparently, has not just Makie, but some cyborg from the Northern region (Ritsuka) to keep her company. And, together, the three of them make up quite a team. At very least, they do well enough to make Takao vary. They are also able to identify what sort of message the Main "Fleet of Fog" is trying to send via having I-400 and now Takao approach their position, something that I-400 herself acknowledges.

Meanwhile, Iona is resupplying at Inubou Coast while also having a strategic meeting with the Japanese government. Mostly, it's a reiteration of the plans revealed through Iona's flashback in the previous chapter.

Additionally, Iori is finally getting proper medical attention that she needs since the battle with the Kongou's hunting fleet.

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