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Volume 10 of the "Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio" manga covers third part of the battle between Kongou's hunting fleet and the "Blue Steel", co-lead by Chihaya Gunzou and Iona.

This volume includes chapters #54 to #60, which were published in Shōnen Gahōsha's Young King OURs magazine between December 30, 2014 and June 29, 2015.

This volume hasn't been officially released in English yet.

Volume 10Edit

Chapter 54Edit

Myoukou and Hiei realize that the real I-401 is after Kongou and inform Ashigara, who is supposed to the only vessel of their fleet able to fight at the moment in Kongou's immediate vicinity. The, however are a bit too late with their warning...

The second part of the chapter is an Extra following Kotono Amaha during her last days at the Japanese National Maritime Institute of Technology. Admiralty Code also makes its appearance there, hinting that Kotono might indeed be Yamato.

Chapter 55Edit

I-401 manages to sink Ashigara. However, Ashigara manages to talk Atago into stepping in and protecting Kongou, who is still too occupied with setting her Flagship equipment up to protect herself. Let's say, Atago is a lot similar to her older sister, when it comes to their favorite methods of attack... Yet, out of 128 warheads used, only one even hits I-401 - and fails to do any actual damage thanks to I-401's Wave-Force Armor.

We also get a glimpse of Hyuuga's new form while she is docked with Hakugei III. There, Gunzou hands the Vibration Warhead Torpedo's documentation to captain Komaki.

Chapter 56Edit

A philosophical conversation about the possibility of peaceful co-existence between humans and the "Fleet of Fog" and the Vibration Warhead Torpedo's part in it takes place between Gunzou and Hakugei (3)'s crew. It is interrupted by Hyuuga, when she 'feels' I-401 taking a hit. And then Hakugei (3) is violently contacted by a "Fog" destroyer, Vampire, who wants to meet with her 'human submarine crew'.

And Yukikaze is observing them.

Chapter 57Edit

This chapter is entirely about the actual meeting between Vampire and Hakugei (3)'s crew. Vampire thanks them on Repulse's behalf for letting them escape their pursuers, and passes a written message (a letter) from her flagship to Hakugei III's captain.

Chapter 58Edit

Having escaped from Atago, I-401 is laying low for the moment. Iona and her crew use this time to review the results of the battle so far. This is interrupted by a powerful gravitation wave created by Kongou as she finally activates her Flagship equipment.

Wanting to know what that is, Iona decides to come closer and have a look. Kongou's fleet under Hiei's command actually expect this and are setting up a trap. And Nagato just observes this all through Atago in hopes that seeing Flagship equipment might shed some light on the mystery of the "Fleet of Fog"'s creation.

The last pages of the chapter show U-2501 restocking in Hong Kong. They depart as soon as they hear about Kongou deploying her Flagship equipment.

Chapter 59Edit

I-401 is approaching Kongou's location, while pondering the mystery of a (lesser) submarine having appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Unfortunately for Iona and her crew, the spatial distortion created by the Flagship equipment, makes it impossible for them to observe it without coming really close to Kongou. They decide to take the risk, though, and begin approaching the phenomenon even while under the attack from the rest of the fleet.

As she jumps in front of Kongou, I-401 takes the photos of the Flagship equipment. Unable to deduce its purpose by herself, she sends the data to Hyuuga.

Chapter 60Edit

I-400 rejoins her sister and Zuikaku in Yokosuka. Since she has arrived via a seaplane, those are discussed a bit. Apparently, the "Fleet of Fog" had them prior and during the Great Battle, but since the planes don't have Wave-Force Armor, they were no match for human jet aircraft. Then, Zuikaku leaves via the same plane I-400 had arrived in.

While I-401 is running away at full speed, Hyuuga recognizes the Flagship equipment in use by Kongou as the one that allows the flagship to summon her fleet's vessels' Cores to her location and rebuild the hulls using local nanomaterials.

Unfortunately for Iona, Hiei had predicted her course well, and Myoukou is able to snipe her with a special cannon. The first shot actually is blocked by the Wave-Force Armor, but Myoukou pushes on and fires again immediately (taking a lot of damage in the process). This second shot manages to seriously damage I-401.Edit

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