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Volume 07 of the "Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio" manga covers the formation of alliance between Great Britain and the "Scarlet Fleet" led by Chihaya Shouzou and Musashi, Takao's fight against U-2501 and Haruna's arrival to New Hakodate.

This volume includes chapters #37 to #42, which were published in Shōnen Gahōsha's Young King OURs magazine between August 30, 2012 and May 30, 2013.

This volume has been officially released in English on May 3, 2016.

Volume 07Edit

Chapter 37Edit

I-400 and I-402 split with the former heading to New Hakodate to keep an eye on Haruna and co., while the later one remains around Yokosuka. This allows I-402 to become an observer to the battle between Takao and U-2501. And let it be said that the Tsundere heavy cruiser is doing a damn good job of fighting off the seehunds while maintaining the dummy of I-401. Zordan Stark had to put U-2501 close to the front line and use the seehunds' ability to merge into its perfect copy to land a hit on Takao. And even the second hit almost immediately afterwards was not enough to sink her.

Chapter 38Edit

U-2501 and her seehunds continue attacking Takao.

Meanwhile, inboard of Hakugei (3), Gunzou discusses their next actions with captain Komaki and vice-admiral Uragami. Namely, he discusses saving Takao and what effect doing that will have on their chances of getting out of Kongou's blockade.

Chapter 39Edit

Takao is still fighting, though, because she needs to maintain the dummy, she's having troubles; she even had to sacrifice her turrets to repair the damage dealt to her hull. Still, by dragging the seehunds into the pre-prepared mine field, she manages to destroy quite a few of them. Then U-2501 manages to land another hit on her with a Corrosive Warhead Torpedo.

Meanwhile, Gunzou is planning his own attack on Zordan Stark and his fleet for hurting Takao. His target: the support vessel Milchkuh, which is required to repair and resupply seehunds.

Back to the ongoing battle, Takao takes another few hits and now on the verge on being sunk. That is when I-402 decides to step and takes the control over I-401's dummy, thus giving the Tsundere heavy cruiser a chance to try to use her Super-Graviton Cannon.

Chapter 40Edit

Takao manages to fool Zordan Stark and U-2501 into believing that they sunk her, before powering her Super-Graviton Cannon up. However, she still I-402's help to aim it as her own sensors are too damaged to be of any use here. Takao's attack forces U-2501 to reveal her trump: Mirror-Ring System. It catches the shot from the Super-Graviton Cannon and then releases it as a spatial shockwave that finally sinks Takao.

Meanwhile, I-401 is ready to attack Milchkuh and reveals that she now has auxiliary ships, SGCS-01 Itsukishima and SGCS-02 Hashidate, to amplify the power of her Super-Graviton Cannon.

Chapter 41Edit

As I-401's new Super-Graviton Cannon is being charged up, I-402 provides them with better coordinates for Milchkuh so that they can get it despite the approaching wave created by U-2501's Mirror-Ring System. Gunzou decides to trust I-402 and uses the data she provides him with. As the result, Milchkuh is indeed destroyed.

The loss of his resupply vessel and half of his seehunds fleet forces Zordan Stark and U-2501 to withdraw from the area. However, since Mirror-Ring System is something that only superbattleships are supposed to have, Takao had effectively seen something she shouldn't have. And for that reason I-402 goes to collect her core to prevent the info from being leaked away. For now, at least.

Meanwhile, I-401's dummy is finally delivered to Yokosuka city. And Ryoukan Kita who is there in the docks notices that something is not right. And not a minute later I-402 stops controlling the dummy and it falls apart into the silver sand of nanomaterials. The clones of I-401's crew are destroyed too, probably even earlier.

Chapter 42Edit

I-401 tries to find Takao's core, but withdraw from the area (which is still far from being safe) themselves when I-402 announces that she has it.

Meanwhile, Kongou is building a fleet with explicit purpose of sinking I-401. Her second-in-command, Hiei, declares that she wants to be a part of that fleet too, so Hyuuga's sister Ise becomes the temporary flagship of the First Oriental Fleet.

The last pages of the chapter show Maya (with Haruna and Kirishima inboard) arriving to New Hakodate and being greeted there by the Norther region prime Minister, Osakabe Makoto.

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