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Volume 06 of the "Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio" manga covers the assault on Iwo Jima launched by the Japanese Army in an attempt to get I-401 back under the government's control. The volume also shows some interactions between Zordan Stark and U-2501 and Chihaya Shouzou and Musashi.

This volume includes chapters #31 to #36, which were published in Shōnen Gahōsha's Young King OURs magazine between March 30, 2012 and July 30, 2012.

This volume has been officially released in English on January 12, 2016.

Volume 06Edit

Chapter 31Edit

As I-401 is more or less ready to depart, Takao finally makes her mind and joins "Blue Steel" with Gunzou becoming her admiral. She even changes her own color scheme. The grand moment of an alliance between humans and the "Fleet of Fog" is somewhat ruined by the detection of the approaching Army's LCACs. Having a plan to deal with the situation form in his head, Gunzou asks for a favor from Takao.

Army descents onto the Iwo Jima island and began a siege on the "Blue Steel"'s base there.

Chapter 32Edit

Army manages to kill the Takao-created clones of all I-401's crew members sans Shizuka. They also manage to enter the decoy of I-401 which is left in the dock. This decoy is being managed by Takao to make it look like it is a real submarine that responds to the commands the humans give it.

Oh, and we learn something interesting about Shizuka.

Chapter 33Edit

Shizuka properly reveals that she is far from being harmless and manages to fight off Army's special forces quite well.

Meanwhile, Ryoukan Kita orders his forces to take control over the (fake) I-401 and bring it back to Yokosuka. Too bad for him, the opearion is not nearly as secret as he hopes for it to be, and Musashi along with Chihaya Shouzou are quite aware of what is going on at Iwo Jima. Neither shows any reaction to those events, though. Musashi even calls her captain out on his lack of reaction to his son's supposed death.

Meanwhile, the real I-401 is ready to leave Iwo Jima using a secret exit and Gunzou is being giving the last orders regarding the base they are abandoning to Hyuuga. Gunzou, having seen Takao create a clone of him, is also questioning, whether Chihaya Shouzou inboard of Musashi is the real one.

Chapter 34Edit

After fighting the Army's soldiers off for a while, Shizuka gets cornered, but she is saved by Hyuuga, who proceeds to devastate the human forces. Both with her own hands and with the army of robots she had created. The said army of robots even forces Japanese Army to withdraw from the island.

The Army-captured dummy I-401 is launched and Takao departs along with her. The real I-401 also sets sails. And for the last page of the chapter, we are shown the Mental Model of U-2501.

Chapter 35Edit

The chapter begins with Zordan Stark being a jerkass and tearing into U-2501 for wasting resources (creating a Mental Model). The focus then shifts back to I-401 as Shizuka and Hyuuga arrive there. After a few discussions - one of them involving Hyuuga recalling that she forgot to turn her robot factory off - I-401 heads towards the rendezvous point.

Back in Tokyo, Assistant Secretary Kamikage shows Prime Minister Kaede Nobuyoshi a message from Gunzou in which a pact with the "Fleet of Fog" is proposed. The two politicians then discuss this message. They are interrupted by an announcement that Great Britain is about to broadcast an emergency press conference

The last pages of the chapter show Musashi and Chihaya Shouzou in Hyde Park in London, philosophizing about the correlation of the state of the parks and the state of the country they are in.

Chapter 36Edit

I-401 finally reaches Hakugei (3) and docks to it; while Haruna and Kirishima aboard Maya are still en route to New Hakodate, discussing a possible future trip to Europe in their own search for the Admiralty Code. And they all, along with the "Fleet of Fog" and Japanese Government are listening to the Great Britain's press conference.

This press conference is about signing a pact between Great Britain and the "Scarlet Fleet", which is commanded by Chihaya Shouzou and Musashi. The reactions to this are ...varied, but pretty much no one outside of the "Scarlet Fleet" seems to be happy about it.

The chapter ends with U-2501 trailing behind and Takao's fake I-401 under the control of Japanese Army, preparing to launch an attack on the Tsundere heavy cruiser.

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