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Volume 05 of the "Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio" manga mainly covers the fight between Haruna and the Japanese Army assaulting the Osakabe mansion.

This volume includes chapters #25 to #30, which were published in Shōnen Gahōsha's Young King OURs magazine between September 29, 2011 and April 29, 2012.

This volume has been officially released in English on July 21, 2015.

Volume 05Edit

Chapter 25Edit

Haruna is annihilating Japanese Army - going as far as to request control over Maya's weapon systems - while Kirishima and Makie to their best to escape from the Osakabe mansion.

Meanwhile, assistant secretary Kamikage and Army commander Ryoukan Kita learn about the attack. And both are far from happy about it. Eventually, they both head to the Central region prime minister in order to manage the fallout of the attack.

Chapter 26Edit

The chapter begins with the meeting between U-2501's captain Zordan Stark and the flagship of the Second Oriental Fleet Nagato in which it is said that the next target of U-2501 would be the (traitorous) heavy cruiser Takao. After the conversation ends, Nagato mentions the Admiralty Code and that Chihaya Shouzou is still looking for it.

Back at the Osakabe mansion, Makie gets a 'bright' idea that she needs to go back and help Haruna. And Kirishima, being confined to a small and lightweight body of a toy bear, can't really stop her.

Finally, as he rides to the Tokyo for his meeting with the prime minister, Ryoukan Kita learns about the hole in the blockade intentionally created by Kongou and orders the Army to prepare an attack on Iwo Jima. However, in order to launch this attack, he needs the permission from the prime minister.

Chapter 27Edit

Ryoukan Kita and prime minister Kaede Nobuyoshi have a talk, during which they briefly recalled the days around the Great Batle when the later served under the former on Guided Missile Destroyer Akitsu-Maru. Eventually, though, the topic shifts to the present and the two of them come to a conclusion that the elimination of Osakabe Makie might be inevitable. Prime minister also asks a favor from Ryoukan Kita, before Assistant Secretary Kamikage reaches his office.

Meanwhile, Maya detects special forces of the Northern region approaching the area and reports this back to her flagship. A few moments later Makie reaches Haruna and becomes a target of a few sniper teams.

Chapter 28Edit

Haruna attempts to protect Makie by hiding her within her coat and evading the attacks of the Army, while Kirishima deals with the sniper teams (surprisingly well for a teddy bear). Considering that Haruna is forced on complete defensive, the Army manages to corner her by using "Stone Crab" wpider tanks and a few APCs with heavy machineguns. But before the things could really go south, the Northern region special forces arrive and force the Army to withdraw.

Haruna then proceeds to reassure Makie that she is her friend and that Makie should go to the Northern region with the special forces. As the girl is being lifted to the chopper, one of the snipers comes back to his senses and tries to kill her. He is stopped by professor Osakabe, but the professor himself is killed in the process.

Chapter 29Edit

Witnessing the death of professor Osakabe causes Haruna to go into Berserk state - while still in control of Maya's weapon systems - and she orders an annihilation attack on all three capitals of Japan. But before that attack could be launched, Admiralty Code makes her appearance and reverts Haruna back to normal. The reappearance of the Admiralty Code causes quite a reaction among the vessels of the "Fleet of Fog".

As Haruna resolves to follow Makie to the Northern region, Ryoukan Kita get the permission to launch an attack on Iwo Jima and assistant secretary Kamikage enacts his own plan to counteract that attack.

Chapter 30Edit

Iona and Takao have a brief discussion of the Admiralty Code's recent appearance at the poolside; Shizuka and Hyuuga are finishing with the new sensor systems for I-401. Later the same day, Gunzou holds a briefing in which the further plans for delivering the Vibration Warhead Torpedo prototype (currently inboard of Hakugei III) to America are discussed.

Meanwhile, Hakugei III, which is hiding in the ocean depths, detects a few LCACs of Japanese Army heading towards Iwo Jima. Should they successfully reach their destination, it would be the first time in 17 years when the humans had crossed the sea.

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