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Volume 02 of the "Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio" manga covers the arrival of I-401 to Yokosuka city and the interaction of her crew with the people there, as well as the attack on the city by the "Fleet of Fog" battleships Haruna and Kirishima.

This volume includes chapters #6 to #11, which were published in Shōnen Gahōsha's Young King OURs magazine between August 30, 2010 and January 30, 2011.

This volume has been officially released in English on October 21, 2014.

Volume 02Edit

Guide LineEdit

Volume 02 tankōbon cover contains the second part of the "Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio" guide line:

  • 2039:
    • Every navy in the world sustain losses of over 5%. They finally form a "Multinational Fleet". From this time on, the people start calling the "ghost ships" the "Fleet of Fog".
    • A few small and medium-scale battles take place, and all of them end in the defeat of human forces. The surviving ships start forming "the Final Fleet".
    • While the "Multinational Fleet" starts building up in the waters of every country, the "Fleet of Fog" attacks fiercely. This leads to the "Great Naval Battle", which lasted for two days and in which the humans lose 70% of their remaining ships and suffer over 600 000 casualties. The only victory by humans is the successful capture of "Fleet of Fog" submarine I-401 by JMSDF Commander Chihaya Shouzou.
    • Captured I-401 is taken to Yokosuka. Even though she is subjected to various analyses and inspection, she remains a complete mystery. During this time, the "Fleet of Fog" completes the Global Blockade.
  • 2040: The USFJ, which were left in Japan, is absorbed into JSDF to form the "United Forces".
  • 2043: The Japanese National Maritime Institute of Technology is established to preserve and pass on maritime technology and culture, which was slowly disappearing.
  • 2045:
    • The Japanese government stops its investigation and analysis of I-401. As the only vessel capable of fighting "Fleet of Fog", the government ignores the opposition party and decides to deploy her for actual combat. The crew is now-captain Chihaya Shouzou and his subordinates.
    • The I-401 is sent on her maiden (manned) voyage. However, she loses contact in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and goes missing. It is assumed that she goes missing for some reason and her crew is dead.
  • 2046: I-401 suddenly returns to Yokosuka city without any of her crew. She is locked up after this.

chapter 6Edit

I-401 finally arrives to Yokosuka port (which causes a certain memories to assault Chihaya Gunzou) and is placed into fortified underground dry docks for maintenance. While she is being served and resupplied, Gunzou goes to meet with assistant secretary Kamikage and vice-admiral Uragami to get the further details about his job to transport the "humanity's last hope", the Vibration Warhead Torpedo.

In this chapter we also meet the previous sonar operator of I-401, now Japanese Navy ensign Maruri Hibiki.

During the last panels of this chapter, the "Fleet of Fog" Supreme flagship Yamato makes her first appearance.

Chapter 7Edit

This chapter begins with the meeting between the First Oriental Fleet flagship Kongou and the "Fleet of Fog" Supreme flagship Yamato, during which, among other things, the reasons for the existence of Mental Models are discussed.

The focus of the story then shifts to the underground docs as we're shown the Japanese Army taking over the facilities and 'politely inviting' the crew that was still aboard of I-401 to follow them. The Army also kidnaps I-401's first mate Oribe Sou as he gives a lecture on the Wave-Force armor to the Military Command. Finally, the man in the command of the Army, Ryoukan Kita, personally invites Chihaya Gunzou, who had finished visiting a memorial at the local cemetery, to follow him.

Chapter 8Edit

The story for this chapter centers around Ryoukan Kita (unsuccessful) attempts to get I-401 back under the government's control. We're also shown Assistant Secretary Kamikage's reaction to the kidnapping of the I-401's crew.

Ultimately, the meeting between Ryoukan Kita and I-401's crew is interrupted by the arrival of the "Fleet of Fog" battleships Haruna and Kirishima and their subsequent attack on the Yokosuka city.

Chapter 9Edit

After she is fully-resupplied, following her captain's and her crew's orders, I-401 escapes from the Army-controlled dry docks and, after landing a few hits on Haruna and Kirishima goes into hiding on the bottom of the bay.

Meanwhile, heavy cruiser Takao, who, following her defeat in chapter 5, went to New Hakodate, is located by supreme flagship Yamato's right and left hands, I-400 and I-402.

Chapter 10Edit

I-400 and I-402 question Takao about her motives for leaving the "Fleet of Fog" as well as about her future plans. Upon learning that Takao had developed something akin to a crush on Chihaya Gunzou, they reveal that right now I-401 is fighting against two battleships. Takao, however, says that I-401 will win this fight and proceeds to departure to an "interesting place", where she plans to wait for I-401.

Japanese Navy, to assist I-401 in her fight against Haruna and Kirishima, deploys their newest submarine, Hakugei III, with Maruri aboard, acting as an advisor on all matters related to the "Fleet of Fog".

Chapter 11Edit

In this chapter we are introduced to the designer of the Vibration Warhead Torpedo, Design Child and a child genius Osakabe Makie.

Back to the battle in the Yokosuka bay: having finished with the preparation, Hakugei III initiates its attack on the battleships Haruna and Kirishima, And while proves to be less than effective, this attack creates enough noise to allow I-401 to escape the bay and go collect her crew.

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