• Lightning missiles within their launch pods
  • Lightning missiles discharging

Lightning missiles are a special kind of weapon used by the Fleet of Fog in order to destroy a large number of relatively weakly-armored targets at once. These weapons have been seen only once, during the battle at Yokosuka Bay when battleships Haruna and Kirishima used them to destroy multiple Japanese destroyers that engaged them.

Unlike many other types of missiles, these missiles do not need to be aimed at their targets. Instead, they are launched above the targets and hover into position, where they discharge powerful energy beneath them, damaging anything that is within their area of effect.

While Lightning missiles are a powerful weapon against the targets that are on the ground or above the water, they seem to be useless against submarines. After destroying the surface ships that were defending Yokosuka, battleships Haruna and Kirishima switched to more conventional missiles when they were attacked by submarines I-401 and Hakugei (3).