Assault and Suppression vessel Lexington
Mental Model | Vessel
Japanese name レキシン卜ン
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 65
Anime n/a
Mental Model information:
Status Active
Affiliation "Fleet of Fog"
Mental Model's Appearance:
Eye color Presumed blue
Hair color Presumed blonde
Vessel Status:
Status Active
Vessel information:
Type "Fleet of Fog" Lexington-class aircraft carrier / assault and suppression vessel
Displacement 37 000 tons
Length 270.7 m
Beam 32.8 m
Draft 9.9 m
Maximal Speed more than 40 knots
Armament Photon cannons;
missile launchers;
Super-Graviton Cannon
Wave-Force Armor yes
Voice Actors:
Japanese Unknown
German Unknown

Lexington is one of the American "Fog" Assault and Suppression vessels (originally, aircraft carriers), and the flagship of her detachment fleet.

Assault and Suppression vessel LexingtonEdit

Lexington is the "Fog" reincarnation of the Lexington-class WWII aircraft carrier Lexington. Her color scheme is unknown at the moment. She is supposed to have one sister, Saratoga, but she has not been mentioned or shown yet.

Lexington, originally an aircraft carrier of the "Fleet of Fog", was re-purposed into an assault and suppression vessel following the reveal that the copies of WWII aircraft that "Fleet of Fog" created were no match for fifth-generation jet fighters that humanity possessed at the time of the fleets awakening. Thus, the only armaments she definitely possesses are eight large caliber Photon Cannons on four turrets located along the right side of her deck. It is also almost guaranteed that she has multiple missile launchers, a Super-Graviton Cannon and other weapons, but those are not yet revealed.

Extrapolation from what is known about the other assault and suppression vessel that has appeared in the story so far - Zuikaku - it is likely that "Lady Lex" possesses an incredibly-powerful Wave-Force armor.

Mental ModelEdit

Assault and suppression vessel Lexington has one Mental Model that looks like a rather tall and slender woman in her early twenties. Based on the shading in manga, she has light, presumably blonde, hair and relatively-light, presumably blue, eyes. She also appears to have freckles on her face.

"Lady Lex" wears a dark dress with a light trim and a mantle thrown over it. When getting ready to fight against U-2501, she also put on a mortarboard hat of the same color as her dress. As for jewelry, Lexington wears earrings that are shaped like stars with seashells hanging under them; and a large pedant shaped like the "Fleet of Fog" insignia.

Lexington's behaves a lot like a 'genius ditz': she's always surrounded by the mess in the form of multiple books, coffee mugs and various trinkets she studies or works with. Usually, she's not all that motivated, calling U-2501 an unpleasant guest and paying more attention to her books and trinkets than to Zordan Stark when is actually conversing with him.

While claiming her intention was to assist Kongou's fleet in fighting against I-401 Lexington has yet to make any hostile moves against I-401 and ends up engaged U-2501 in combat for a short time. She and Stark later come to an agreement where the U-2501 transports Lexington's Mental Model to Japan to witness the a great change in the world. It is revealed that Lexington had been working ashore for the past year and a half as a university professor (with forged papers) and has a fascination with history.


Lexington is heading towards the battle between Kongou's fleet and I-401 in order to assist the former in sinking the latter. She was 'intercepted' by U-2501, and it looks like due to their clashing objectives they will fight each other.


  • She is the first American Mental Model to appear.

Gallery Edit

VOL19 cover ARP Lexington

Lexington as in the cover of VOL 19

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