Captain Daisaku Komaki
Captain Komaki saluting
Japanese Name 駒城 大作
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 10
Anime n/a
General information:
Gender Male
Age unknown
Alive yes
Affiliation Japan (Tokyo),
"Blue Steel"
Current occupation captain of Hakugei (3)
Eye color dark
Hair color black
Notable details wears bridge-less glasses
Voice Actors:
Japanese Unknown
German Unknown

Daisaku Komaki is the captain of Hakugei (3) anti-Fog submarine. Under his command, this submarine became the only human-made vessel to deal the finishing blow to a "Fleet of Fog" vessel.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Captain Komaki is a tall and well-built man, likely in his early thirties. He has dark eyes; unruly dark hair, whiskers and some stubble on his chin. Aside from a single scene, he is always seen in his uniform, which consists of white short-sleeved shirt, white pants and white cap with black visor. He also wears bridgeless glasses.

While he is highly-trained professional he does have very little knowledge about the "Fleet of Fog" and he actually admits that rather freely. Daisaku Komaki has a certain disregard to common procedures, and is seen acting against the normal protocols of naval combat because he known those are outdated and not suited for dealing with the "Fleet of Fog". "If we do this by the book, we will end like Hakugei I and Hakugei II" - He comments.

He also tries to act cool and professional at all times, but because is often put into the situations he definitely isn't prepared for, this image is not exactly what he manages to project-especially with the nervous laughs he's prone to and not to mention that he becomes quite a butterfingers around Maruri Hibiki, on whom he developed a crush.


Captain Komaki first appears when he leads his Hakugei (3) submarine into the battle against the "Fleet of Fog" battleships Haruna and Kirishima when they attacked Yokosuka port. While he is actually the highest-ranked officer inboard of his submarine at that time, he and his crew most definitely lack the experience of dealing with the "Fleet of Fog", thus he follows the battle plan presented to him by Maruri Hibiki, who was appointed as an advisor on "Fog" to Hakugei (3). Acting in coordination with I-401's captain Gunzou Chihaya, he manages to bring the defeat upon the battleships Haruna and Kirishima, even though his Hakugei (3) submarine had suffered quite a lot of damage in the process.

After Hakugei (3) was re-equipped with the cruising module, Captain Komaki was given the mission to rendezvous with I-401 in order to hand the blueprints and documentations of the Vibration Warhead Torpedo to Gunzou Chihaya. Hakugei (3) was also to support I-401 during her voyage to San Diego.

After the initial rendezvous, I-401 went to save heavy cruiser Takao who was battling against U-2501 and her fleet of Seehund drone submarines. While waiting for I-401 to return, Captain Komaki became a witness of some infighting withing the "Fleet of Fog": battlecruiser Repulse and the destroyer Vampire were hunted by battlecruiser Prince of Wales and her fleet under the orders from Hood. Acting on an impulse, Komaki decides to help Repulse and fires a Sound Cluster Torpedo in order to provide her with a chance to hide from her pursuers.

Sometime later, Hakugei (3) was contacted by Vampire, who sought contact with them on Repulse's orders.  Captain Komaki had invited Vampire inboard of Hakugei (3) and she had accepted the invitation. While on-board Hakugei (3), Vampire passed him a letter from her flagship, Repulse.


  • Vice-Admiral Uragami - The officer in command of the Military Command's Naval Strategies Office. Essentially, he is the one in charge of all Japanese Navy. He also was at the Japanese Maritime Institute of Technology at the same time as Komaki, though it's not clear what relationship they had there. Considering their ages, Uragami likely was his mentor.
  • Kamikage Ryuujirou - Captain Komaki's classmate back in Japanese National Maritime Institute of Technology. Currently is the assistant secretary to Military Command of Ministry of Defense.
  • Cruz Herder - American-born lieutenant, he is in charge of the Japanese Navy commandos. He and a group of commandos are currently inboard of Hakugei (3). They aren't exactly friends, but...
  • Maruri Hibiki - Ensign, assigned to Hakugei (3) as an advisor on all matters related to the "Fleet of Fog". Captain Komaki has developed a crush on her.
  • Gunzou Chihaya - Fellow captain and commander of the "Blue Fleet" which Komaki thinks himself a part of. Diasaku also thinks very highly of Gunzou.
  • Vampire - Repulse's subordinate and spokesperson.