Ryoukan Kita
Japanese Army General and politician Ryoukan Kita
Japanese Name 北 良寛
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 4
Anime Episode 3
General information:
Gender male
Alive yes
Affiliation Japan
Current occupation Japanese Army commander; Member of the National Diet
Previous occupations captain of the battleship during the Great Battle of 2039
Eye color black
Hair color black (past) gray (now)
Notable details very tall and wide-chested
Voice Actors:
Japanese Unknown
German Unknown
Ryoukan Kita is the commander of Japanese Army and member of the National Diet. Previously he was a navy man and a captain of a battleship; he is a veteran of the Great Battle against the "Fleet of Fog" of 2039.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Ryoukan Kita is a man in his seventies, yet he is as strong and full of spring as he was twenty years ago. He's a very imposing man, standing a head taller than most of the other characters in the series; he has a wide chest and is quite well muscled. He has a roughly-cut face with eagle nose and thick whiskers, mustache and a short beard. His once black hair is now completely gray due to his advanced age. Aside from the singe situation where he was forced to deal with his subordinates in the middle of the night, he is always dressed in fine two- or three-piece business suits. At home, which is a traditional Japanese house, decorated with various calligraphy, he wears traditional clothes consisting of moderately-dark kimono and hakama. Much like his appearance would suggest, he is a strict man, sometimes borderline ruthless, though he will try using words before force to achieve his goals. While that is true, he prefers to deal with his subordinates internally, which means that even if they had messed up a lot, he will do his best to protect them from external political assaults. That doesn't mean that those men will face any lesser punishments. Ryoukan Kita is a traditionalist and he sees I-401 submarine as the government's property, even though Kamikage Ryuujirou had already transferred the ownership of this "Fleet of Fog" to Chihaya Gunzou. Ryoukan Kita made at least two attempts to take the submarine back. First time he used words, the second time he ordered the suppression of the crew.


While he had a brief appearance before that, he starts acting only after I-401 has arrived to Yokosuka port. Using his authority with the army, he essentially kidnapped all of the I-401's crew (save for Iona) and brought them to a restaurant where he demanded the surrender of the submarine to the Japanese government under the pretext that they were still teens and not experienced enough to command it. Gunzou refused but before Ryoukan Kita could do much else, the attack on the Yokosuka port by the "Fleet of Fog" battleships Kirishima and Haruna forced him to let them go, still in possession of I-401. It is not clear, exactly when Ryoukan Kita began working on removing Kamikage Ryuujirou from his position of the assistant secretary of Military Command of Ministry of Defense, but it is known that by the time I-401 and Hakugei (3) engaged the battleships Kirishima and Haruna in a battle, Prime Minister Kaede was ready to fire Kamikage from his position. However, the victory over the "Fleet of Fog" battleships changed that and allowed Kamikage Ryuujirou to keep his position. His next appearance happens when he chastises the generals under his command for acting hastily and attacking the Osakabe mansion where at least one Mental Model was located at the time. Once he was done there, Kita went to see Prime Minister Kaede on the matter of this fiasco. While riding a car there, he ordered the army to deploy special forces and attack Iwo Jima. The purpose of this attack was to suppress the I-401's crew and take the submarine back under the control of the government.

Prime Minister Kaede and Ryoukan Kita together inboard of the battleship during the Great Battle

During his meeting with the Prime Minister of the decentralized capital Tokyo, it was revealed that Ryoukan Kita became the Commander of the Army in order to keep them under the control: the army hadn't fought against the "Fleet of Fog" during the Great Battle and they didn't know what power the "Fleet of Fog" possessed - they wanted a rematch they weren't actually ready for. In the same dialogue it was revealed that the prime minister was the first mate on Kita's battleship during the Great Battle. The fate of the Design Child Makie Osakabe was discussed and Ryoukan Kita managed to get thePrime Minister's agreement for her elimination, should "Fleet of Fog" kidnap her. Soon after that they were joined by the assistant secretary to Military Command of Ministry of Defense Kamikage Ryuujirou, who also arrived there because of the attack on the Osakabe mansion. Ryoukan Kita's next appearance happens when the world-wide broadcast of the signing of the pact between the Great Britain and the "Scarlet Fleet" was made. There, he commented that it looked indeed like Chihaya Shouzou was trying to become the king of the "Fleet of Fog". Some time later, Ryoukan Kita is seen in the Yokosuka port dry docks, meeting the captured I-401. Being an experienced man, he was the first one to notice that something was not right. Indeed, instead of the real I-401 a remotely-controlled dummy was captured, while the supposedly-killed members of the crew turned out to be nothing more that fakes made from the nanomaterials of the "Fleet of Fog". This event caused Ryoukan Kita to finally concede that the new era has began and that, maybe, it was time for the new generation to lead the way towards the future.


  • Kaede Nobuyoshi - used to be the first mate on Kita's battleship, but was seriously wounded during the Great Battle and after his recovery went into the politics. Became the prime minister of the decentralized capital Tokyo with the backing of Kita's party.
  • Kamikage Ryuujirou - The assistant secretary of Military Command of Ministry of Defense and the political opponent of Ryoukan Kita. *Vice-Admiral Uragami - The officer in command of the Military Command's Naval Strategies Office. It can't be said that he and Ryoukan Kita get along.
  • Shouzou Chihaya - The JMSDF commander during the time of the Great Battle. Later, he was chosen to be the captain of I-401 and Ryoukan Kita, as a high-ranked politician and the Army commander, was the one to entrust the captured "Fleet of Fog" submarine to the man.
  • Gunzou Chihaya - Shouzou's son and the current captain of I-401. Has Kita's grudging respect after he managed to fool him with the nanomaterial-made clones and the jig for the submarine.
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