Kyouhei Kashihara
Kashihara portrait
Kyouhei Kashihara as seen in anime
Japanese Name 杏平 橿原
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
General information:
Gender male
Age 17
Alive yes
Affiliation "Blue Steel", Chihaya Gunzou
Current occupation Weapons master of I-401
Previous occupations Japanese National Maritime Institute of Technology student
Eye color green
Hair color brown
Notable details wears orange-tinted goggles
Voice Actors:
Japanese Miyashita Eiji
German Unknown

Kyouhei Kashihara is the member of the I-401's crew; he is in charge of the submarine's weapon systems. He used to be Gunzou's classmate until they both had left the Japanese National Maritime Institute of Technology.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kyouhei is a tanned young man with a tattoo on his left shoulder. He has green eyes, often hidden behind orange-tinted goggles, and dark-brown hair that are up-swept behind and into three separate ...ponytails. Kyouhei is seen wearing khaki singlets, sometimes with one or other anime's logos, dark-blue jeans and rather notable boots.

Kyouhei is rather straight-forward and in battle tends to prefer direct assaults to sneaking around and using other underhanded tactics. While he can be considered to be an elite simply because he attended the Japanese National Maritime Institute of Technology, according to himself, he is someone who is doomed to mediocrity - he was around 200th in his year, while the rest of the crew (save for Shizuka who never attended the Institute) are from the top 10. Still, Oribe Sou notes that he always made the top ten in gunnery and sea mines.

According to anime rendition, he is or at least was quite a womanizer and he had tried to hit on Iona when he saw her for the first time.

Still, he is a valuable member of the crew as not only he is an excellent weapon systems' operator, but it often him, who cheers the whole crew up. His hobbies include watching anime and he is often joined by Iona, who is an anime fan herself, there.


We are first introduced to Kyouhei when he is already the member of the I-401's crew for a long time. From Iori's dialogs with Gunzou it is revealed that he, along with Sou Oribe and Iori herself, had joined the crew a couple of months before the battle with battleship Hyuuga. Ever since then, Kyouhei was in charge of I-401's weapon systems.

Kyouhei doesn't have his personal mini-arc, so for the most part he is a background character.


  • Gunzou Chihaya - Kyouhei's classmate and, later, captain.
  • Iona - A fellow anime fan, though Kyouhei is a bit suspicious if her as she maintains a connection to the "Fleet of Fog"'s communication networks.
  • Iori Watanuki - Kyouhei's classmate and a member of the I-401's crew. She's in charge of the engine.
  • Sou Oribe - Another Kyouhei's classmate; he is also a member of the I-401's crew and is the first mate.
  • Maruri Hibiki - Yet another classmate of Kyouhei. She was the original sonar operator, but left the crew following the battle with battleship Hyuuga.
  • Shizuka Hodzumi - The current sonar operator and the main target of Iori's teasing. Unlike the rest of the crew, Shizuka never attended the Japanese National Maritime Institute of Technology.


  • It appears that Kyouhei prefers 'Maho Shoujo' animes.
  • He's the most suspicious member of I-401's crew as even after knowing Iona for over a year, he is still unsure about her loyalties.


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