Joint Tactical Network Information space

The Joint Tactical Network is an information space that connects all vessels within the "Fleet of Fog" and allows them to exchange various information as well as to store and share experience acquired through interacting with humans.

Joint Tactical NetworkEdit

The Joint Tactical Network is an information space connecting all vessels within the "Fleet of Fog". It allows the vessels to exchange information and acts as a repository for storing and sharing experiences, acquired through interacting with humans.

The Joint Tactical Network is built upon quantum communication protocols and, thus, the access to it won't be affected by things such as distance and some interference, still, if there is an extraordinary event that can cause a massive disruption in the dimensional space the connection will be seen unable to be established, just as seen in the anime when Takao and Maya clashed their Super-Graviton Cannon and were unable to contact I-401 when is sank to the hands of I-400 and I-402, still this is pure speculation, it is theorized that the ship's processing capability affects the strength of the quantum communications, as also seen when Musashi's message was delivered to Hiei and 401 after the usage of the Mirror-Ring System and the dimensional space around them was seen distorted.

By default, all of the vessels can access the Joint Tactical Network, however, only the vessels with Mental Models can upload data onto it. If a vessel is considered to be no longer a part of the "Fleet of Fog", its access privileges can be revoked and the vessel will be cut from the Network. There is an exception to this rule, however.



Iona as the Joint Tactical Network

In addition to being the Mental Model of an assault submarine I-401, Iona is also the core of the Joint Tactical Network. For this very reason, she can't be cut from it regardless of any circumstances. Also, any vessel that has I-401 as its designated flagship will keep its connection to the Network even if it is no longer a part of the "Fleet of Fog".

The Joint Tactical Network within Iona exists outside of her own perception and she doesn't consciously know about this additional role of hers. During her hibernation periods, she can be brought into the information space of the Network for 'maintenance'.

This maintenance is conducted by an entity that can be considered to be a self-diagnostic program. However, it seems that this program is being run subconsciously by some other vessel: "Even now, I can sense it beneath the consciousness of my Mental Model that you are functioning properly". Furthermore, the visual representation of this self-diagnostic program are two insignia, both different from that of I-401. One of those insignia is a stylized Sun, the other is a similarly-stylized Moon.