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Iwoto Island

Iwo Jima was the base for repair and replenishment created exclusively for I-401 and her crew. It served as a supply base for the "Blue Steel" Fleet until its abandonment.

General InformationEdit


Hyuuga's Iwoto Defense

The original base on the Iwo Jima island was transformed and upgraded with the nanomaterial-based technology by the defected "Fleet of Fog" battleship Hyuuga. This was made possible by transforming her configuration as a battleship to the island, transferring her armaments to the island itself. Geographically, it may also conform to the battleship placement of its defense systems and facilities.


Iwoto Underground Facilities

Thanks to Hyuuga's transformation, Iwo Jima served as a supply base exclusively for I-401. With jamming technology and advanced defense systems, Iwo Jima stayed as a vital lifeline for 6 months until its abandonment. Nevertheless, Iwo Jima contained impressive facilities. Its supply of ammunition and nanomaterials served as the vital necessities for I-401 after the encounter between Haruna and Kirishima which caused extensive damage alongside other problems which couldn't be amended in Yokosuka. Underground, an excavation site  was created to source minerals for weapons production.


Underground Robot Factory & Mine

Defensively, Iwo Jima incorporates the armaments of Hyuuga, which include vast amounts of missile launchers, cannons and even a deck. Among this was battleship Hyuuga's processing power which allowed for a far more powerful Wave-Force armor, easily rivaling Kongou. This was shown in anime during the barrages and even a Super-Graviton Cannon hit from Kongou in which she effectively fended off.


Iwo jima

Iwo Jima island

After Hyuuga's defeat at the hands of I-401, she transformed and militarized Iwo Jima at an unspecified time. After this, she kept Iwo Jima protected for eight months until I-401's return following her battle with Haruna and Kirishima

After receiving the Vibration Warhead Torpedo prototype from Yokosuka, I-401 traveled to Iwo Jima for repairs and replenishment. Due to the dwindling stock of nanomaterials and the revelation of their base, abandonment after repairs was necessary. After repairs,  I-401 was set to San Diego to deliver the prototype, however, this was interrupted when the island was besieged by those opposing "Blue Steel".


In Manga, Iwo Jima was attacked by Japanese Military under the orders from Ryoukan Kita. Their objective was capturing I-401 and eliminating her current crew. This order was issued because Kita at that moment still believed that the transportation of the Vibration Warhead Torpedo prototype should be done by the professional Navy and soldiers; though he already knew at this point that Chihaya Gunzou would not surrender I-401 to the government.

The siege forces consisted of several companies of soldiers and several "Stone Crab" tanks delivered to the island on the four hovercraft transports - Ryoukan Kita used a hole in the "Fleet of Fog" blockade intentionally create by Kongou in hopes that human opposition will attack and sink I-401. Additionally, several special-ops tasked with the elimination of I-401's crew were delivered on helicopters to the opposite side of the island.

The infiltration of the island had failed as the sensors were able to detect the incoming forces before they landed. However, using Takao-created decoys for the crew members and an active decoy of I-401, Gunzou had the military think that their operation was a success, even though their ground forces were forced to retreat in the face of Hyuuga's army of robots.

It was said by Gunzou, that losing Iwo Jima like this was not a major blow to him as he was planning to abandon it anyway.

Some time later, Iona "captured" and dumped Haguro and Ashigara here. As the pair were making their way towards Hyuuga's lab, they are found by Hyuuga's still rampaging army of robots. Their fate afterwards is currently unknown.


In anime, Iwo Jima was blockaded by Kongou and Maya, along with a number of light cruisers. Not really wishing to fight the "Fleet of Fog" just like that, Gunzou tried to reason with Kongou (and Maya who accompanied her flagship ashore), but he ultimately failed and the flagship of the First Oriental Fleet began the assault on the island. While Hyuuga and Takao were distracting Kongou and Maya and the light cruisers, I-401 managed to slip away.

Afterwards, the fate of Iwo Jima was unknown, but as stated, it was abandoned.