Battleship Hyuga
Mental Model (anime) | Mental Model (manga) | Vessel | Sunk by I-401
Hyuuga 02
Japanese name 日向 (ヒュウガ)
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 20
Anime Episode 7
Mental Model information:
Status Active (anime)
Reduced to Union core (manga)
Affiliation I-401
Mental Model's Appearance:
Eye color Amber
Hair color Brown
Vessel Status:
Status Sunk and repossesed (manga,anime)
Sunk by I-401
Vessel information:
Type "Fleet of Fog" Ise-class battleship
Displacement 35,260 tons
Length 219.62 m
Beam 33.82 m
Draft 12.3 m
Maximal Speed 75 knots
Armament 6x torpedo tubes;
Photon cannons;
Super-Graviton Cannon;
missile launchers;
depth charges;
Wave-Force Armor yes
Voice Actors:
Japanese Fujita Saki
German Corinna Dorenkamp

Hyuuga is a "Fleet of Fog" battleship, originally the flagship of the First Oriental Fleet of the  "Fleet of Fog". She was sunk by I-401 sometime before the start of the series. Her Mental Model had joined "Blue Steel".

Battleship HyuugaEdit

Hyuuga is a "Fleet of Fog" reincarnation of WWII Ise-class hybrid battleship/aircraft carrier Hyuuga. She has only one older 'sister', battleship Ise. Originally, Hyuuga was the flagship of the First Oriental Fleet; after she deserted "Fog", battleship Kongou had assumed this position.

Since Hyuuga has no color pages with her ship-body in manga, it is impossible to tell what her color scheme was. In the anime she has deep-orange color scheme.

As a battleship, Hyuuga had an extensive arsenal of weapons at her disposal, which consisted of many Photon cannons, multiple missile launcher and the Super-Graviton cannon. Unlike many reincarnations of Japanese WWII battleships, Hyuuga did not have any torpedo launchers. Hyuuga's Super-Graviton Cannon was looted by Gunzou and was installed onto I-401 to act as her trump card. A unique feature of her class is that she has an aft flight deck, making her a hybrid battleship/aircraft carrier.

Hyuuga is reported to have an impressively-powerful Wave-Force armor, capable of taking no less than twelve direct hits from Corrosive Warhead Torpedoes, before reaching the point of saturation. This is supported in the anime, in which stated that her processing power in conjunction with her powerful Wave-Force armor rivalled to even Kongou. This was displayed during the attack of Kongou and Maya at Iwo Jima, receiving barrages from both ships and even surviving a Super-Graviton Cannon hit from Kongou

Battleship Hyuuga has one Mental Model. She appears as a woman in her early twenties. with amber eyes and midback-length brown hair that curls inward at the ends. Her clothes consist of a dark sweater with a lab coat thrown over it, dark stockings and, sometimes, a dark-gray mini-skirt. She also wear a monocle over her right eye.

Hyuuga is a techno-freak and is all but obsessed with various technological wonders that vary from new upgrades for I-401 to various robots or cybernetic enhancements. One such enhancement is constantly seen in her presence - it's a construction that consists of several robotic hands connected together at their bases. This construction may act as a floating platform for Hyuuga when is working on something big, it may curl up into a protective shell (shaped like an egg), or, if Hyuuga has no need for it at the moment, it may shrink to the size of a chicken egg for storage in her lab coat's pocket.

Hyuuga's other obsession is Iona, whom she sees as a goddess of war. She cares a lot about her, but often she goes a little too far with it to the point of borderline harassment. This annoys Iona greatly - and she doesn't hesitate to protect herself from the unwanted advances - but Iona still accepts Hyuuga as a valuable ally and helper.


Hyuuga first appears when she greets Iona and her crew in the underground base at Iwo Jima; she took the role of port manager after she was defeated in combat and deserted the "Fleet of Fog" in order to be with her 'goddess'. When Takao starts asking questions about Gunzou and his past, Hyuuga also gets interested. Together with Takao, she discovers that the Supreme Flagship of the "Fleet of Fog" Yamato's mental model is nearly identical to Gunzou's classmate and crush, Kotono Amaha. However, they don't tell him this.

Her tenure as Gunzou's Iwo Jima base manager began with her original warship's body being salvaged for various support and defensive armaments; when Hyuuga began to get "bored" with nothing more than mundane maintenance duties for the facility, she took an interest in using non-"Fleet of Fog" material to make things, which began with her creating mining machines which drill-mined deep under the Iwo Jima base. Thus she used her armaments and transformed Iwo Jima with further weaponry and facilities. The raw materials refined from the extracted rocks and magma were used for further upgrading the Iwo Jima base, as well as creating the massive robot army which would be put to use later. 

When Iwo Jima was attacked by Japanese special forces, Hyuuga and her robots assisted Shizuka in dealing with the invaders. Later, Hyuuga also transported Shizuka back to I-401 in her arm-shell. Once reunited with Iona, Hyuuga assumes the role of her co-processor. For the most part, Hyuuga manages the controls of the high-end weapon systems, like the modified Super-Graviton Cannon.

Most recently, Gunzou and Hyuuga temporarily left I-401 in order to recover Hyuuga's salvaged hull that is located in Bounomisaki. While the details of this plan are mostly unknown, it is believed that this is done in order to greatly increase the chances of I-401 surviving the contact with the pursue fleet led by Kongou herself. However, it seems that Hyuuga will not be able to rejoin her 'goddess' before the battle starts as Ashigara and Nachi have already found I-401 and began the fight.

Gunzou's disappearance from on board of I-401 drew Yamato's attention. Since she was incapable of determining why those two have disappeared via Quantum communication network, Yamato sent one of her destroyers, Yukikaze, on a mission to find them and find out their intention.

After successfully salvaging what could be salvaged from her husk, she and Gunzou headed back to rendezvous with I-401, however those plans had changed a little due to the results of a skirmish between I-401 and Kongou's hunting party. After pre-programming the Auxiliary Super-Graviton Cannon ships to be fired upon Gunzou's command, she went ahead to help her "goddess".

Hyuuga's next move was to confront Hiei directly and, if possible, damaging her or forcing her to retreat. And even though all that Hyuuga had was her 'egg' and a single turret salvaged from her hull, she managed to land a solid blow on Hiei by exploiting the latter's lack of experience in using her Mental Model most efficiently.

As the result, both Hiei and Hyuuga lose their Mental Models. Hiei also takes considerable damage to her hull and her Union core slips into autistic mode for self-diagnostics.

Both Hyuuga's and Hiei's Union cores are then collected by Yukikaze. Hyuuga convinces Yukikaze to travel near the battlefield. When she witnesses Gunzou's Matsushima getting hit by Kongou, she instructs Yukikaze to go there in hopes of locating and saving Gunzou, but is eventually overruled by Yamato.

A little while later, she is given a new hull - apparently by Nagato - and is installed as the flagship of the Second Oriental Fleet in Kongou's place on the supreme flagship's orders.


  • Yamato - Hyuuga's superior and an object of interest due to Yamato's relation to Kotono Amaha, Gunzou's classmate and crush.
  • Takao - Co-conspirator for Hyuuga's plan to get Iona all for herself; the plan has failed. Currently both are working to assist Gunzou in his plans.
  • Iona - The love of Hyuuga's life, her goddess and... Let's just say that Hyuuga has a huge crush on her and is perfectly willing to express herself physically. Iona isn't very thrilled about this, though. Additionally, Hyuuga serves as her co-processor and is engineering the upgrades for I-401.
  • Gunzou Chihaya - Hyuuga accepts him as her commander, even if she views him as an obstacle on her way to gaining Iona's love.


  • Hyuuga is the only known Mental Model who has a crush on another Mental Model.
  • She's also the only known flagship to desert the "Fleet of Fog". Musashi never had such a position within the original "Fleet of Fog", even if she's qualified for it.
  • Hyuuga was the first high-level battleship sunk by I-401.
  • In episode 8 her flight deck is shown collapsed in the same way her WWII counterpart was after she sank.