Fast battleship Hiei
Mental Model (anime) | Mental Model (manga) | Vessel
Japanese name 比叡
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 42
Anime Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio DC movie
Mental Model information:
Status Active (anime)
Reduced to Union core (manga)
Affiliation "Fleet of Fog", Kongou
Mental Model's Appearance:
Eye color Amber
Hair color Reddish-brown
Vessel Status:
Status Active (anime)
Neutralized (manga)
Vessel information:
Type "Fleet of Fog" Kongou II-class fast battleship
Displacement 37,187 tons
Length 222 m
Beam 31 m
Draft 9.7 m
Maximal Speed 80 knots
Armament 30x Torpedo tubes;
118x Photon cannons;
27x missile launchers;
High-voltage discharger;
Super-Graviton Cannon;
Mirror-Ring system (anime only)
Wave-Force Armor yes
Voice Actors:
Japanese Mao Ichimichi
German Unknown

Hiei is a "Fleet of Fog" battleship from the First Oriental Fleet. She is Kongou's second-in-command and is the de facto leader of the fleet.

Battleship HieiEdit

Hiei is a "Fleet of Fog" reincarnation of WWII Kongou-class battleship Hiei. She has three sisters - Kirishima, Haruna and Kongou - all of whom have made their appearance in the series.

As a battleship, Hiei has a huge arsenal at her disposal: a number of Photon cannons, 8 torpedo tubes and over one hundred missile launchers. Her Super-Graviton cannon is as powerful as her sisters', but has the unique ability to curve its beam. It is reasonable to assume that Hiei has a Wave-Force armor comparable to that of any other "Fleet of Fog" battleship.

Hiei has a single color page with her ship-body in manga; her hull's color-scheme is dark-pink. While she did not appear in the first season of the anime adaptation, it has been leaked that Hiei will make an appearance in the upcoming Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova - Cadenza OVA along with the Myoukou sisters.

Mental modelEdit

Battleship Hiei has one Mental Model. She appears as a girl in her late teens with dark-amber eyes, a pair of red framed glasses, and long reddish-brown hair arranged in a way that make them resemble cobra's hood. She wears red student dress-uniform with an armband reading "class representative" on her left sleeve. Underneath the dress she wears white shirt with a bow-tie.

Hiei is polite, respectful and dutiful, even if she's a bit mechanical about it. She's rather devoted to her sister Kongou and volunteers to accompany her on her hunt for I-401. While outside of combat, Hiei is the de facto commander of the First Oriental Fleet.


Originally Kongou wanted to leave Hiei as the acting flagship of the First Oriental Fleet, but Hiei had insisted on accompanying her on her hunt for I-401. Hiei gave the role of the acting flagship to battleship Ise.

During the I-401 hunt, organized by Kongou, Hiei and Myoukou, together with a number of light cruisers were maintaining the middle line. They were attacked by one of I-401 active decoys at the same time with Haguro and Nachi being attacked by another decoy on the front line.

Hiei was able to quickly see through I-401 diversion and recognized that the real target of I-401 is Kongou.

A bit later, Hyuuga decided to act as a distraction in order to let Gunzou safely rejoin Iona while also dealing some damage to Kongou's detachment fleet with the SGCS's Super-Graviton Cannon. She directly attacks Hiei and the two exchange blows. Hyuuga loses her Mental Model and a recovered turret, while Hiei takes considerable damage to her hull, also loses her Mental Model and her Union core goes into autistic mode for self-diagnostics.

Both Hiei's and Hyuuga's cores are then collected by Yukikaze.


  • Kongou - Hiei's sister and the fleet flagship. Hiei is rather devoted to her.
  • Ise - Hiei made her the acting flagship, because she wanted to accompany Kongou on her hunt.
  • Myoukou - A member of the fog student council
  • Nachi - A member of the fog student council
  • Haguro - A member of the fog student council
  • Ashigara - A member of the fog student council


  • Much like her sister Kirishima, Hiei doesn't have a radar antennae on top of her superstructure because her WWII prototype was sunk before she could receive this upgrade.
  • The Student Council President affectations are likely an allusion to her WWII prototype spending most of her career as a training ship.


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