Maruri Hibiki
Maruri hibiki-portrait
Maruri Hibiki as seen in the Yokosuka port dry docks
Japanese Name 真瑠璃 響
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 6
Anime n/a
General information:
Gender female
Age 17
Alive yes
Affiliation JSDMF Hakugei (3), Chihaya Gunzou
Current occupation Consultant on "Fleet of Fog" technology inboard of Hakugei (3)
Previous occupations sonar operator inboard of I-401,

Japanese National Maritime Institute of Technology student
Eye color brown
Hair color brown
Voice Actors:
Japanese Unknown
German Unknown

Maruri Hibiki is Gunzou's ex-classmate and the original sonar operator of I-401. She left a short while after the battle with battleship Hyuuga and returned to Yokosuka. Right now she has a rank of ensign and she is inboard of Hakugei (3) acting as an adviser on the "Fleet of Fog" technology and tactics.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Maruri is 17 years old and has brown eyes and dark-brown hair arranged in a very distinct style with four small tails sticking almost horizontally in pairs on the either side of her head. Following the battle with battleships Haruna and Kirishima, however, Maruri no longer has those tails and her hair is allowed to flow down naturally.

Maruri is always seen in female version of the Japanese navy uniform, which consists of white jacket, white skirt, white shirt and a blue tie.

Back when she attended the Japanese National Maritime Institute of Technology, Kashihara Kyouhei states that she ranked 3rd on the last annual test that he is aware of, making her only second to Gunzou and Kotono Amaha.

She is always serious and professional, while also being so full of life. Yet, her life is actually quite sad as she just can't let her crush on Gunzou go, even if she knows that he is quite unlikely to return her feelings. She is seen calling him perfect, though she also adds to herself that it is his weakness.


Maruri's first appearance happens when she comes to meet I-401's crew after they docked in the Yokosuka port underground dry docks. Having been a sonar operator of I-401 for quite some time, she knows everyone but Shizuka, whom she had never met before. Maruri chastices Gunzou for not keeping in touch with her. Later, in the dialog between Iori and Gunzou it is revealed that Maruri was his classmate and that she was the first one to join him aboard of I-401.

A bit later, when the port is already under the attack from battleships Haruna and Kirishima, Maruri boards Hakugei (3). When she is asked why she decided to come in person, instead of giving them advice over the radio, she replies that this was a request of the man she loves (Gunzou) and she just couldn't say 'no' to it. It was actually a good thing that she was there personally, as she still understands how Gunzou thinks, and this allowed his plan to sink both battleship succeed. Essentially, during this mission for Hakugei (3), Maruri was the one in command of the submarine and it was her, who gave the order to fire the Corrosive Warhead Torpedo that destroyed both battleships Haruna and Kirishima.

When I-401 rendezvouses with re-equipped Hakugei (3) for their journey across the Pacific, it was revealed that Maruri was there, still in her capacity as the adviser on the "Fleet of Fog" technology and tactics.


  • Gunzou Chihaya - Maruri's classmate from the Japanese National Maritime Institute of Technology and her crush. Even though she knows he likely won't return her feelings, she is also unable to let them go.
  • Sou Oribe - Maruri's classmate and a fellow member of the I-401's crew. He is I-401's first mate.
  • Iori Watanuki - Yet another classmate of Maruri. She is also the member of the I-401's crew. She is in charge of the submarine's engine.
  • Kyouhei Kashihara - Maruri's classmate and a fellow member of the I-401's crew. He is in charge of I-401's weapon systems.
  • Iona - Anthropomorphic avatar of I-401. Their relationship has never been expanded upon, but it is possible that Maruri is somewhat jealous of her due to how Gunzou treats her.
  • Shizuka Hodzumi - Maruri's successor as the sonar operator of I-401.
  • Captain Daisaku Komaki - He's the captain of Hakugei (3), and while, technically, he is her superior, he treats her as if she is of a higher rank than him. He also has a crush on her.
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