Cruz Herder
Lieutenant Cruz Herder, the officer in charge of Navy commandos
Japanese Name クルツ ハーダー
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 2
Anime n/a
General information:
Gender male
Alive yes
Affiliation JSDMF special forces
Current occupation Officer in charge of Navy commandos
Eye color brown
Hair color blonde
Notable details seems to be unable to keep his facial features schooled stoically...
Voice Actors:
Japanese Unknown
German Unknown

Cruz Herder is an American-Japanese citizen; he has a rank of lieutenant and is in charge of JSDMF navy commandos.

Appearance and personality

Cruz Herder is a man in his early thirties. He was born in United States, but due to undisclosed reasons he found himself stranded in Japan following the Great Battle of 2039. He has short blonde hair that are up-swept behind and dark, likely brown, eyes. His clothes are the same with those worn by other JSDMF officers: white shirt with shoulder straps, and white pants. However he doesn't seem to have any sort of a hat to go with the rest of his uniform.

He is a man of action and sometimes can get ahead too much, like when he almost ordered his commandos to take over the I-401, even though there was no real need to do that. Surprisingly for someone of his position, he is very lax and is often seen making strange and sometimes unbecoming for a military officer poses. He also seems to have troubles with keeping his face serious. He has a very strong dislike towards the "Fleet of Fog", however, he is willing to work with Iona or Hyuuga when that is the best course of action to complete the mission he was given.


His first appearance happens when Ryuujirou Kamikage, the assistant secretary to Military Command of Ministry of Defense, asks him to withdraw the navy commandos he sent out in order to take I-401 over. While he was sending the order to his subordinates, he locked eyes with Iona. This is when his strong dislike towards the "Fleet of Fog" is revealed.

Later, Cruz Herder was present at the conference hall of the Military Command of Yokosuka naval base when Sou Oribe was reading a lecture on the "Fleet of Fog"'s Wave-Force armor there. And he was the one to inform Ryuujirou Kamikage about Ryoukan Kita inviting the members of I-401's crew for a private talk.

A bit later, he was seen in the company of Ryuujirou Kamikage as the two of them were inspecting the Yokosuka port following the battle between Hakugei (3) and I-401 against battleships Haruna and Kirishima.

His next appearance happens when reveals himself inboard of Hakugei (3) as she was on her way to rendezvous with I-401 for their trans-Pacific voyage. Apparently he chose to be there himself as this was his chance to return to his homeland even if for a short while.


  • Ryuujirou Kamikage - The assistant secretary to Military Command of Ministry of Defense; apparently, he is Cruz's friend of sorts.
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