Heavy cruiser Haguro
Mental Model (anime) | Mental Model (manga) | Vessel
Japanese name 羽黒
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 48
Anime Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio DC movie
Mental Model information:
Status Active
Affiliation "Fleet of Fog"
Mental Model's Appearance:
Eye color Dark-amber (manga)
Blue (anime)
Hair color Dark-red
Vessel Status:
Status Sunk
Sunk by I-401 (decoy)
Vessel information:
Type "Fleet of Fog" Myoukou-class heavy cruiser
Displacement 13,500 tons
Length 201.7 m
Beam 20.73 m
Draft 6.32 m
Maximal Speed 90 knots
Armament 12x torpedo tubes;
Photon cannons;
Super-Graviton Cannon;
missile launchers;
depth charges;
Wave-Force Armor yes
Voice Actors:
Japanese Igarashi Hiromi
German Unknown

Haguro is a "Fleet of Fog" heavy cruiser from the First Oriental Fleet. She is a part of the I-401 pursue fleet led by battleships Kongou and Hiei.

Heavy cruiser HaguroEdit

Haguro is a "Fleet of Fog" reincarnation of WWII Myoukou-class heavy cruiser Haguro. She has three sisters, all of whom have made their appearance within the series: Myoukou, Nachi and Ashigara.

In manga, Haguro has a single color pages with her ship-body in manga; it appears that her color-scheme is brownish-red with green for glowing insignia on her hull. Anime has altered her color scheme somewhat: Haguro's hull is now red with pink details, while the glowing insignia became yellow.

It appears that Haguro is similar in design and armament to successive Takao-class heavy cruisers: ten main Photon cannons on five turrets, a number of smaller Photon cannons, an array of missile launchers, 12 torpedo tubes, and a Super-Graviton Cannon.

She's also supposed to have a moderately-powerful Wave-Force armor, but since Haguro is yet to participate in any battles, it's impossible to verify this.

Mental ModelEdit

Heavy cruiser Haguro has one Mental Model. She appears as a girl of about ten years old. She has rather short dark-red hair arranged into two tails on the sides of her head; her eyes are amber in color.

Haguro wears an asymmetric version of Hiei's 'school' uniform with the left side being longer than the right one. Additionally, she has something resembling an armored bracer on her right hand as well as an armband with something written on it on her left forearm. However, this appears to be not her normal looks as she asks Myoukou, whether she can change back to her original clothes - she doesn't like this uniform.

Haguro appears to be somewhat childish and seems to be someone who doesn't enjoy being forced into something and will whine about the things she doesn't like.


Haguro is a part of the I-401 hunting squad led by battleships Kongou and Hiei. Originally, she was positioned together Myoukou and Hiei somewhat behind the front-line. However, after the original scouting group of Nachi and Ashigara had a brief skirmish with I-401 and managed to lose her, Haguro was moved to the front-line and got paired with Nachi.


Haguro sunk

Still, they had greatly underestimated the capabilities of I-401 and when she attacked them with her manually-controlled active decoys, in the mass confusion among the Kongou's fleet that ensued, Nachi and Haguro couldn't prevent I-401's decoy from getting dangerously close to them.

Then, I-401 detonated all three Corrosive Warhead torpedoes that had been loaded onto the decoy. The resulting spatial anomaly was so powerful that it snapped Haguro into two, causing her to sink.

Stripped down to her Union core, Haguro tried to use visual signals to help her sisters find her. That however, resulted in her core being eaten by a shark. Later, Ashigara recovered her core and gave her some nanomaterials to reconstruct her Mental Model.

Both Ashigara and Haguro (unintentionally)boarded I-401 when her engine room breached, encountering Iori knocked unconscious. Iona later convinces them to assist her crew in getting out of this whole mess alive and in one piece. Haguro was tasked with helping Sou with support systems.

  • Note: It seemed more like blackmail though because if Kongou manages to sink the I-401, she sinks with them for boarding the I-401. The same goes for Ashigara.

After the battle is over, Iona dumps her and Ashigara in a lifeboat at Iwo Jima, where they are found by Hyuuga's still-rampaging robots.


  • Kongou - Haguro's flagship. However, unlike her older sister Myoukou, Haguro isn't as vocal about her devotion to Kongou.
  • Hiei - Hiei is the de-facto flagship of the First Oriental Fleet, to which Haguro belongs.
  • Myoukou - Haguro's older sister and commander.
  • I-401 - A target to be sunk. However, she managed to seriously damage Haguro instead.


  • Myoukou, Nachi, Haguro and Ashigara are the only set of sister vessels that made appearance within the same chapter.
  • Both the ship and mental model appear in Wargaming's World of Warships as "ARP Haguro".