First appearance:
Manga Chapter 18
Anime n/a
General information:
Gender female
Alive yes
Affiliation Stark Zordan, U-2501
Current occupation Sonar Operator on U-2501
Eye color unknown
Hair color brown
Notable details is always seen with her eyes closed
Voice Actors:
Japanese Unknown
German Unknown

Francette is a crew member and the Sonar Operator of U-2501 submarine and a subordinate to Zordan Stark.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Francette is a girl in her late teens, probably a year or so older than I-401's crew. She has shoulder-long brown hair. Her eye-color is unknown as she seems to have her eyes always closed. She is seen wearing red and black dress, sometimes with red stockings or with dark-red gloves that go halfway up her forearms.

Francette is rather yielding girl and she doesn't seem to like arguing; she agrees with Zordan's decisions even is she doesn't like them all that much. She's a bit of a romantic at heart and was seen enjoying watching the sunsets or feeling the breeze. She feels not really comfortable inboard of U-2501 as her crewmates make it feel 'so unfeeling'. Francette appears to be the only member of U-2501's crew who feel for the submarine and doesn't mind her conjuring a Mental Model.

While it is not explicitly stated where Francette originates from, she's definitely not from Germany, unlike both Zordan Stark and Romuald. According to her offhand comment in chapter 66, her father originally was a philosopher, however when the global crisis due to the "Fleet of Fog" taking the seas away from humanity struck, her father had to take up baking to make ends meet.

Even though she's not from a family that had any real connections to military, she still ended up seeing the horrors of war. Around two years before the series' start, Stark Zordan had saved her and offered her a position of the sonar operator of U-2501, which she accepted.



Francette watching a sunset

Francette, along with the rest of U-2501's, is first introduced when the U-boat comes after I-401. In that battle it was shown that she has some good instincts as she was able to correctly predict an appearance of an anti-masker torpedo, even though those are specifically made to as hard to detect as possible. Otherwise, though, she remained a background character during that part of the story.

She also remained a background character throughout the U-2501's meeting with the First Oriental Fleet flagship Nagato. But a little before the battle against Takao, Francette is seen commenting on Zordan's strictness and obsession with effectiveness when he brought U-2501's to tears before making her dismiss her Mental Model. However, she doesn't want to argue with him and states that she can't find a (good) reason to object to his decision.

She also comments that when Zordan says 'this ship' he actually means 'my ship'. He doesn't respond.

Francette also appears to be blind, explaining why her eyes are always closed. Francette asked Romuald "What does the scenery look like?" When he flatly told her it was sunset, she said "This ship is so unfeeling."

During the battle with Takao, when the possibility of I-401's intervention is discussed, Francette comments that Gunzou is a nice man. Ultimately, even Zordan agrees with it, even if he also adds that he is a naive fool. Other than that, during this battle, Francette again played a background role. She was, however, the first one to notice the ocean parting as I-401 fired her new Super-Graviton Cannon at the resupply vessel Milchkuh.


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