Flagship equipment are highly advanced weapon or support systems available only to the flagships of the "Fleet of Fog". To our best knowledge, they had never been actually deployed prior to Kongou's hunt for I-401. However it appears that Hyuuga was sunk by I-401 before she could make use of hers.

Flagship equipmentEdit

So far the nature of these massively powerful technological wonders is not entirely known even to the flagships of "Fleet of Fog" themselves. Nagato mentions that by learning more about them, they might get closer to understanding their mysterious creator.

Mere activation of the Flagship equipment also causes gravitational waves far more powerful than those created when the high-end Super-Graviton Cannons are charged up. These gravitational waves can be felt even at significant distances, while the flagship using the equipment sits atop a chasm in the sea and is surrounded by a wall of displaced water that rises at least a mile into the air.

So far, only a single set of actual Flagship equipment has been seen: Kongou opted to have hers deployed for the task of sinking I-401. In this case, the Flagship equipment takes appearance on numerous temple-gate-like structures arranged into rows in front of, behind, and to the sides of the flagship. The one final gate - the biggest one - is placed at the center of the battleship. When not used, this final 'gate' is stored with others above Earth's atmosphere.

Auxiliary Super-Graviton Canon Ships SGCS-01 Itsukushima and SGCS-02 Hashidate, while not a real Flagship equipment, are build based on the designs of one. Namely, Hyuuga's, the true appearance of which remains unknown. Auxiliary Super-Graviton Canon Ships themselves appear as a pair monstrous hexagonal cylinders that house powerful Super-Graviton Cannon amplifiers.


This section gives a more detailed overview of the Flagship equipment and their derivatives' abilities.

Kongou's Flagship EquipmentEdit

Flagship equipment - kongou

Kongou's flagship equipment being deployed

The only set of actual Flagship equipment that has been seen so far has two functions:
  1. It can summon Union Cores of any vessel from flagship's fleet to flagship's location;
  2. It can also "3D-print" new hulls for the summoned Union Cores using nanomaterials available at the flagship's location. However, this process is not very fast and "printing" a battleship such as Ise will take around 25 minutes. Even lesser vessels such as scout submarines need no less than 9 minutes.

Auxiliary Super-Graviton Cannon shipsEdit


SGCS-01 Itsukushima and SGCS-02 Hashidate, build off of Hyuuga's Flagship equipment

While not a true Flagship equipment, SGCS-01 Itsukushima and SGCS-02 Hashidate are based on the designs of Hyuuga's Flagship equipment.
  1. These vessels act as a pair of powerful Super-Graviton Cannon amplifiers for whatever vessel they are docked with (I-401, presumably Hyuuga herself).
  2. While they need to be externally controlled or per-programmed for it, they can also fire Super-Graviton Cannon by themselves.