Corrosive torpedo

A Corrosive Warhead Torpedo

Corrosive Warhead Torpedo is the main torpedo used by the "Fleet of Fog" vessels for offensive purposes.

Corrosive Warhead TorpedoEdit

Corrosive warhead torpedo, often simply called a corrosive torpedo, is a high-tech offensive torpedo. It's also one of the few weapons that can significantly damage "Fleet of Fog" vessels. The torpedo is about 8 meters long and about 500mm in diameter. Corrosive Torpedo doesn't require any special equipment and can be launched from conventional torpedo tubes of appropriate caliber.

Corrosive Warhead Torpedo uses super-cavitation technology and rocket engines to move at high speed underwater. It can also cover long distances by flying through the air. Additionally, smaller rocket engines can be used for maneuvering while seeking the target or even to decrease the shock when the torpedo is dropped from significant heights.

The torpedo itself is made from the same materials as the armor of the "Fleet of Fog" vessels, making it highly-resistant to shocks. However, the torpedo itself doesn't have a Wave-Force armor, and, thus, can be shot down even with conventional weapons.

The warhead of this torpedo contains Thanatonium, a material, unknown to humankind, that decomposes into gravitons. Thus, corrosive torpedoes can't be reproduced with human technology. When a corrosive warhead torpedo detonates, it creates a spatial anomaly that corrodes surrounding space with gravitational waves, freezing and destroying any matter within this anomaly. Although a Wave-Force armor's Klein Field can be used to negate this effect, even the armor has limits - Battleship Hyuuga was sunk after twelve hits.

The size of the torpedo's "explosion" seems to vary, and quite a bit:

  • In the first episode of the anime, the corrosive torpedo detonation that destroyed Nagara appears to be about 15% of the total length of the ship at its greatest extent. It means that the torpedo disintegrated everything within a 40ft / 12m radius of the impact point.
  • In the same episode of the anime, during the flashback to I-401 escaping from Warehouse 51, the diameter of the detonation is bigger than the dry-dock-part of the warehouse is wide, and is probably around 200ft / 61m.
  • In manga, in one scene happening during the battle against Haruna and Kirishima in Yokosuka bay, the detonations of the I-401-launched torpedoes are about as big as the aforementioned battleships themselves are. This means that the diameter of the 'explosion' is greater than 720 ft / 220 m.

Corrosive MineEdit

Using the same technology as corrosive torpedoes, they can be shaped as mines which detonate upon impact. Although these corrosive mines appear to be considerably weaker than their torpedo counterparts as Kongou didn't require recalculation to negate the mines. This so probably because of the Thanatonium payload per mine was reduced to produce more of them.

  • Corrosive Torpedo hits a Nagara-class light cruiser. It can be seen that the Wave-Force armor can't contain the power of this explosion.
  • A hole in the hull of a Nagara-class light cruiser created by a Corrosive Warhead Torpedo
  • Detonation of a Corrosive Warhead Torpedo in the Yokosuka Port dry docks (1)
  • Detonation of a Corrosive Warhead Torpedo in the Yokosuka port dry docks (2)
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