Heavy cruiser Choukai
Mental Model | Vessel
Japanese name 鳥海
First appearance:
Manga Chapter 79
Anime n/a
Mental Model information:
Status Active
Affiliation "Fleet of Fog"
Mental Model's Appearance:
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black
Vessel Status:
Status Sunk, later restored
Sunk by I-401
Vessel information:
Type "Fleet of Fog" Takao-class heavy cruiser
Displacement 15,781 tons
Length 203.76 m
Beam 19 m
Draft 6.3 m
Maximal Speed up to 90 knots
Armament 22x Torpedo tubes;
73x Photon cannons;
80x Missile launchers;
Depth charges;
Super-Graviton Cannon
Wave-Force Armor Yes
Voice Actors:
Japanese Unknown
German Unknown

Choukai is a "Fleet of Fog" Takao-class heavy cruiser from Oriental Fleets. Currently, she is the administrator for the Hashirajima naval base.

Heavy Cruiser ChoukaiEdit

Choukai is a "Fleet of Fog" reincarnation of WWII Takao-class heavy cruiser Choukai. All three of her older sisters, Takao, Atago and Maya, have made their appearance within the series.

Choukai's hull has not been shown yet, so its color scheme is unknown at the moment.

Choukai has her armaments similar to the armament of other Takao-class heavy cruisers: ten main Photon cannons on five turrets, a number of smaller Photon cannons, missile launchers, 12 torpedo tubes, and a Super-Graviton Cannon. She is also supposed to have a moderately-powerful Wave-Force armor.

Mental modelEdit

Choukai has one Mental Model. She appears as a girl in her middle teens with blue eyes and black hair made into a 'cork-screw' bun and decorated with flowers. Choukai wears a purplish kimono with an apron over it. She also often wears thick glasses.

Choukai is shown as friendly and helpful towards other "Fleet of Fog" Mental Models. Meanwhile, she is not sure she can remain such when dealing with Chihaya Gunzou, who has sunk her previously, and is afraid that she might try to kill him. Akashi, though jokes about the opposite being more likely - Choukai is a Takao-class after all.


Choukai has been sunk by I-401 and Chihaya Gunzou at an unspecified moment in the past. Her Union Core was then recovered and a new hull was built for her. However, Yamato insisted she remains at Hashirajima for the time being and manage the base.


  • Akashi - Apparently, Choukai's friend due. Both of them are tasked with repairing and maintaining the Oriental Fleets.
  • Yamato - The Supreme Flagship. It's on her orders that Choukai administers the Hashirajima naval base.
  • Chihaya Gunzou and I-401 - they sunk her sometime in the past.


  • Choukai has some feelings towards Chihaya Gunzou although she says that she might kill Chihaya but it seems that she wants to know the man who sunk her. This probably is because of their ship family class, Takao
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