• Adorablerocket

    For thoose of us who only stumbled onto this great story after the anime, this Wikia has been a great resource! Now that I've also become addicted to the manga I'm really grateful to NHunter and the other contributors.

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  • Nighthunder

    Ok so I started watching the anime after Crunchyroll buzzed me about it and guess what? I LOVED IT! After 10th episode i was so curious i jumped on net and got to this wiki. Well im kinda confused now though. Since anime and manga dont go along together. I dont wanna give spoilers but whoever gets to 10th episode and watch a bit will understand me. Is Arpeggio of Blue Steel anime just going to end in 13th episode or something saying "Go read manga folks". Well "I wont go read manga" because things are complicated for me. I feel like manga is an alternate universe for the anime. OH MY BAD! Anime is for manga. I am messed up. I wont sleep tonight in fact i cant sleep because I will be trying to get my homework done while making theories abou…

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  • NHunter

    We're Rolling!

    October 11, 2013 by NHunter

    Thanks to the recent release of the anime adaptation of "Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio", more and more people are getting to know this wonderful series. Even if anime most certainly did simplify the complexity of this universe... And with more people out there gaining an interest in the series, this wikia is growing more and more as the people start coming here to gain or share their knowledge about the series.

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