Guided Missile Destroyer Akitsu-Maru
Ground Forces Guided Missile Destroyer Akitsu-Maru
First appearance:
Manga: chapter 52
Anime: n/a
Vessel's status:
Affiliation Japanese Navy
Status sunk
Sunk by unknown "Fleet of Fog" vessel
General information:
Type unknown class Guided Missile Destroyer
Displacement unknown
Length unknown
Beam unknown
Draft unknown
Maximal Speed unknown
Armament torpedo tubes;
Missile launchers
Wave-Force Armor n/a
Mental Model n/a

Akitsu-Maru was a human-made guided missile destroyer that operated under captain Kita Ryoukan and XO Kaede Nobuyoshi during the late 2030s. It was sunk during the "Great Naval Battle" in 2039 by an unknown "Fleet of Fog" vessel.

Notable crew membersEdit

  • Kita Ryoukan (captain) - the commander of Japanese Army and one of the assemblyman for the cabinet of ministers of the decentralized capital Tokyo.
  • Kaede Nobuyoshi (first mate, XO) - the current prime minister of the decentralized capital Tokyo.


  • Akitsu-Maru is only ever seen when I-402 is accessing Kita Ryoukan's profile in the human databases. The current prime minister of the decentralized capital Tokyo, Kaede Nobuyoshi also served on that ship; and it is where he received the wounds that we see him bearing today.
  • Despite being a naval vessel - and not a landing craft at that - Akitsu-Maru belonged to Japanese Army, not Navy.
  • Based on the vessels profile as seen in manga, it appears that GMD Akitsu-Maru is at least partially based on the US Navy's latest class of guided missile destroyers, the Zumwalt-class. At the same time, its hull design bears some similarities to those of the Independence-class littoral combat ships.